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Thread: BEHRINGER Forums “Real Name Policy”

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    BEHRINGER Forums “Real Name Policy”

    Dear BEHRINGER Forum User,

    In the interest of a more professional and respectful atmosphere we are converting our forum user registration names to “real names” from artificial user names. Kindly review the policy stated below to better understand why we are making this change and how you can change your user name to your real name.

    Thank you for your continued interest in our forums.

    Costa Lakoumentas
    Senior VP, Marketing

    ***To request a name change, simply send a private message to admin "John DiNicola," and include the name you want your forum name changed to.***

    BEHRINGER Forums “Real Name Policy”

    Thanks for your interest in the BEHRINGER forums. Before you can post you’ll need to set up an account using your real name in your profile. We use a “real name” policy as a means of preventing spam, distasteful or disrespectful posts and other content that is contrary to the stated objectives of these forums. We want this to be a place where BEHRINGER owners, users and prospects can talk about their experiences and share their knowledge with one another.

    What’s In a Name?

    When we say “real name” we mean the name that everyone knows you by; not necessarily what’s printed in your passport. Of course your last name (family name) needs to be as printed in your legal ID but your first name might be a shortened version or derivative. Or, it might be a middle name that is how everyone knows you. Either way, the intent is that if your real name is “Jonathan Edward Smith” you could list it as John Smith, Ed Smith, Edward Smith or Johnny Smith if that’s how people know you; you just can’t call yourself “Johnny Appleseed”.

    What If I’m Already Registered with a Pseudonym?

    You will need to edit your profile to update your current name to your real name. Your login name will therefore be your real name and will appear on all posts and responses. You may use up to 30 characters, including spaces so you may include a middle name if space permits.

    I Don’t Like This Policy; Who Do I Complain To?

    We welcome your input on this or any other aspect of our forums. Please post your comments to the “Contacting Admin” thread under Forum Policy. We will respond to your input just as soon as we can.
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    James Burns,
    Coordinator, Social Media
    MUSIC-Group US.

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