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Thread: About the correlation between care@music-group and blood pressure

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    About the correlation between care@music-group and blood pressure


    First of all I had to say: I am a satisfied user of X32-Rack, X32-Desk and S16. I know these are cheap products with an extraordinary wide scope of possibilities and they have not "military specs".
    I do not like to tell displeasing storys about care@music-group. But in this case I had to do that because my blood pressure is about 200.

    From the beginning:

    1. X32-Desk was repaired first times. It needs only a few days!
    2. X32-Desk was repaired second times (48V on Ouput 17-32 failed). It needs much more time. Care said that they had a water-damage. So far so good: They changed my X32 and I got a newer one. Very nice. Thank you!

    Until now no reason to be excited.

    3. Monday last week one of my S16 stops working and I send a support form to care.
    Friday - 4 days later - I received a mail that informs me: A technician takes care about the problem.
    Today - further 7 days later - the answere from the technician: I should take better cables and control my settings!

    What the hell needs 10 days to send an unqualified answere like this?
    Nobody had to be a technician to send answeres like this.

    For explaining the error description I wrote (short form): Stopped working during a session. All (display and LEDs) are blinking low and a undefinable noise comes out. On/Off did not change anything.

    The near future:
    4. X32-Rack was not out for repairing. But a XLR stuck! Maybe its better I repair it by myself.

    5. S16 No 2 was not out for repairing: But has no output on ULTRANET. Does not matter wicht routing (I used the S16 No1 until now). Should I try to send it to repair. Maybe its better to take "care" about my blood pressure.

    Again: I am an X32 fan and enjoy to use it!

    If other users have experiences similary to mine - post it! Maybe we can force care@music-group to think about a better communication and fasten some of their working cycles.


    25.Aug.2014 13:00 PM no further message

    26.Aug.2014 18:40 AM I'm still waiting and wrote a mail again (with referenc-no etc)

    27. Aug 13:30 PM a call from care reached me - thats more than I expected! Read more further down!
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    Maybe the Care people are worried about practicing medicine without a license? You should see your Dr about the high B/P and Care should stay out of medicine! Seriously, your situation seems pretty bad...10 days to hear it's your fault could tend to raise it up a few points! Hope you find resolution.

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    I have had to send my X32 to Care in the US two times for separate issues. I have also talked with them on more than one occasion with 'how do I do this' questions. In all of these case they have been attentive and extremely fair and helpful.

    Bill Schnake
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    Care@music-group reacts today!

    Today I got a call from care@music-group!?
    They apologize about the long time and the unlucky circumstances - AND - offer to replace the S16 in advance. Wich is not necessary in my case - I have alternativs (second S16/X32-rack).

    20 minutes bevor I received an email with an express-pickup-order from DHL to send the S16 to UK - without any costs for me (DHL-express is not a cheap thing )

    I am really very positively surprised that they took extra time and money.
    Thats not trivial.

    I was a little bit afraid that Behringer with the X32-brand was growing to fast and they forgot to expand the "care".

    But now I know that I can trust!

    Many thanks!
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    Dear Fritz,
    Glad to hear that our CARE department was able to help, thank you for your patience and follow-up!
    John DiNicola
    Manager, Channel Marketing
    MUSIC Group

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    Care center

    Quote Originally Posted by John DiNicola View Post
    Dear Fritz,
    Glad to hear that our CARE department was able to help, thank you for your patience and follow-up!
    Well I hoped that The care center was so kind to help me too, but they did not. I sent my X-32 to them for a minor repair. ( fader 7&8 male functioned )

    After 8 Days got The console back, but at this time none of The faders worked anymore, most likely something happend during transport on the way back. In any case I did not do anything.

    To make a long story short, my claim was rejected and I have to pay About 1000 euro for repairment.

    Last wednesday I informed them to do The repairment because I have no other choice. Untill now I have recieved no. reaction.

    Fritz I am very glad for you that it worked all fine, but I am so disapointed. Not even a word of understanding on behave of music group. Mr. Behringer himself is not willing to reply on my letter !

    So no more products of music group for me !

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    Hi guys

    I buy all my behringer gear from thomann, they offer a 3 years warranty on everything, do I need to bother registering my purchase with behringer ?


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    I buy all my gear by Thomann too!
    But in any case it will be better to register all units.

    see this:
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    I would like to inform you about the rest of the story:

    I send my second S16 to care. I told them that it is not very urgend but I would like to get it back a.s.a.p.
    After two weeks I called care to ask about my S16. I very friendly lady told me: "Sorry we are waiting for spare parts. But if I need it quickly she can force it."

    A little bit later I have got a mail from Thomann that they have to inform me about sending me a new S16. Without any costs!

    This kind of service is only known by Rolls Royce or Maybach I think.

    Many thanks!
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