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Thread: New Specialist in BEHRINGER Channel Marketing

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    New Specialist in BEHRINGER Channel Marketing

    Hi all,
    My name is Phil Gates, and I'm happy to have become a new member of the BEHRINGER team.
    I don't want to post a resume or anything, I just wanted to say "Hi" and introduce myself.

    I have experience with analog and digital mixers, guitar products, guitar amplifiers, analog and digital recorders, a variety of the usual suspect DAW software platforms, etc. I've designed, and built rigs for folks, set up studios, and in general have been around the block a few times when it comes to audio and gear.
    I know the X32 mixer as a hands on user, as well as the P16 family of products for monitoring and in ear use. Love 'em!

    I've also spent a fair amount of time over the years touring internationally as an Artist, and have worked as a FOH engineer.

    I'm here to help, and will be jumping in here on the forum to do just that.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Phil Gates
    Specialist, Channel Marketing
    MUSIC Group

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    Hi Phil,

    Welcome to the forum. Glad to have to onboard.


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    Jupp, Welcome!
    x32, x32-rack, s16, p16, iNuke 6000dsp, deq2496, dxc2496, src2496, misc other behringer gear, StudioLive 24, StudioOne Pro, Cubase 4, Ableton Live 8 Suite, Reaper 4

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    Any relation to Bill?

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    Hi Phil!!


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    Thanks for the welcome everyone! No relation to Bill, but I have a feeling that I'd have a lot more gear if I were!
    Phil Gates
    Specialist, Channel Marketing
    MUSIC Group

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