Hello, I recently purchased a QX1622USB mixer and would like some assistance configuring it. I have it mostly working to my satisfaction except for a few things I could use some help on.

My Configuration:

Running Windows 7 Professional
USB Cable connected and driver installed and devices recognized on playback and record.

I have it configured where line-out of the PC goes to Tape-In on the mixer (stereo 1/8" jack to L/R RCA).
I have another cable that comes from Tape out (L/R RCA to stereo 1/8" jack) that plugs into Line-In on the PC Sound card.

I have an XLR mic on channel 1.

The main outs from the mixer go to a pair of amplified speakers and this works just fine.

My objectives:

1. Determine if I should be using line-in/out or USB or a mix of both and hopefully someone can tell me the pros and cons of each and which is better for recording on the PC.

2. I want to be able to feed music from the PC to the Mixer, but I want selectively send the music back to the PC.

- When recording a podcast or a video, I want the music and the mic to record at the PC.
- When playing a game, I want only the mic, not all the in-game sounds/music fed back to the PC.

3. I want to know how to do a mix minus based on an incoming source on a single channel. This might be the solution to question 2 above, I'm not sure.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.