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Thread: Is the CMD DC-1 working right for anyone? Mine sure isn't.

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    Is the CMD DC-1 working right for anyone? Mine sure isn't.

    I cannot get my CMD DC-1 to work in any software except FL Studio and Deckadance. In those I can't get LEDs to work but at least the controllers are useable. When I try to map a knob in any other software, the CMD DC-1 can barely make the software knob move at all no matter how far I turn the controller knob. I have tried many other DAWs and have this problem.

    I can't understand what's going on. This should work like any other MIDI controller, yet it doesn't.

    I've been making music on computer for about 11 years now, so we can skip a lot of the novice tips like
    "unplug it and plug it in again" or "delete and reinstall" "clean out duplicate usb drivers" "clean the registry" etc lol!

    Is anyone else having these types of problems?

    Thanks guys.

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    Dear Brian,
    Your encoder performance issue can be caused by a couple different things. It's possible that you have the wrong type of encoder data selected in your software. You want to select the binary offset encoder type. If you do that and it's still too slow, you can use a plugin like Mapulator ( to adjust performance (since some software like Live doesn't offer this functionality on it's own). If you're still not happy, it's possible to change the encoder output on the CMD controllers to absolute, via a SYSEX message.

    If you need further assistance please contact our CARE department at or at 702-800-8290 (US) and +44 1562 732290 (UK). Hope it helps!
    John DiNicola
    Manager, Channel Marketing
    MUSIC Group

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    Thanks John. I looked into Mapulator. It won't meet my need. Can you tell me how I would change encoder mode to absolute using SYSEX?

    I've never had this issue with another MIDI controller, so I never learned these things.
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