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Thread: Pink Noise Questions

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    Thanks Robert. I kinda suspicioned that I was dealing with a lot of frequencies.

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    Keep in mind when ringing out monitors, you must duplicate the performance situation. Ringing out with an open stage (turning the level up until it rings, then EQing the ring away) may or may not apply to the performance situation. In a multi-mic situation, where the noise-makers (mouths and instruments) are using the mic at near 0 distance, ringing an open stage gets few if any of the frequencies that will feed back when a hand, face, open mouth, or reflective instrument top (or even a hat brim) are in front of the mic. In the case of the one mic bluegrass performance, the open stage is pretty close to the performance situation. But don't forget to add the missing bits: the reflective guitar top that will bounce sound from the room or monitor into the mic, the hat brim, or - ? Even once you seem to be done, when soundcheck starts you may get additional "hot" or "loose" (not feeding back, but trying to) frequencies that need attention. (Always end the soundcheck a little loud, to hunt for such spots.)

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    I understand what you're saying. I'm concerned that after treating the room with acoustic panels and re-equing the system side to eliminate feedback and re-equing the band and vocals to a feedback free setting with no one in the room, I will still have the live feedback issues with the room full of people. I guess I don't want to go to all this time and expense to end up at square one. I have to think that at that point, that I'm not experiencing as many problems as I'm currently having with feedback.
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