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Thread: USB Small Format Mixer Questions

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    USB Small Format Mixer Questions

    Hi Everyone,

    Firstly thanks for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate any input you can provide. So what I'm looking for is a mixer

    1. What is sent through the USB audio connection i.e. is it only the main mix stereo pair or do you have access to each input send through its own unique input channel? Is there any documentation provided by Behringer which provides the details of how this works, I've looked but not been able to find anything.

    2. I want to use the mixer as a input/output to and from Guitar Pro/other guitar modelling software so need a relatively low latency. I've previously used a Sonic-Core sound card which has a hardware ASIO2 driver on the card and was able to achieve a very low latency which works really well.


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    Dear Mark,

    Yes, our USB mixers can be used exactly as a soundcard/audio interface would be, with separate channels being fed into your DAW. Latency will depend on your system in conjunction with the driver settings, but many have chosen to use ASIO4ALL drivers instead. I would suggest you experiment to see what works best in your setup. Thanks!

    Best regards,
    Sean Fairchild
    Specialist, Channel Marketing
    MUSIC Group

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