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Thread: RM 600 Rotary Machine guitar pedal

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    RM 600 Rotary Machine guitar pedal

    I purchased this unit two weeks ago. After installing the 9V battery I inserted the pedal in my guitar signal chain. The unit worked very well... for one day. On the second day of use the pedal exhibited the following behavior: All by itself, and with no one around it, it began to emit a strange "popping" noise. Upon closer inspection the sound was being produced by the pedal through my guitar amp. The indicator LED flashed blue and red with each "pop". According to the instruction manual, if the pedal begins to act erratically, the user is instructed to remove it from the signal path and then reinsert it. This isn't a great idea if you are performing on stage when this happens. AS I was in rehearsal I followed instructions. It worked for about five minutes, then, without warning, it would "pop" and change from "fast" to "slow" rotate repeatedly. Not good.
    I contacted American Music Supply and they promptly sent a replacement unit, which arrived two days later. I immediately took it out of the box and hooked it up. It started the same thing immediately. This is unacceptable! Disgusted, I contacted AMS, demanded a refund, and sent the second defective pedal back.
    I have been searching for a rotary speaker emulator device, and the RM600 promised to be all I wanted. For as long as the 1st unit worked, it worked perfectly, and I got the desired result in sound (and I don't have to lug a Leslie around with my guitar rig). The nearest similar model by another manufacturer is at least $130 more costly. Most units (Leslie's own model is $319) are out of my price range for my needs. The $50 price tag on the RM600 was what convinced me, but after going through two brand new units with the same poor results I'm afraid I just wasted my time.
    This post is a warning to anyone out there that wants a pedal like this one. $49 is cheap. Probably TOO cheap. Behringer needs to either revamp this pedal so it doesn't glitch so much that they had to include a technical disclaimer for it's shortcomings, or upgrade the components to "dependable" and raise the price.

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    Dear Bob,

    I'm very sorry to hear of your troubles with this pedal. I can't presume to explain what may have been happening, but I wanted to leave you and anyone else who may see this post a message: if you ever have any trouble, any issues at all with any MUSIC Group gear, PLEASE make use of our CARE team! That's exactly what they're there for. You can contact them at or call at 1-702-800-8290 (US) or +44 1562 732290 (UK). Thank you, and good luck!

    Best regards,
    Sean Fairchild
    Specialist, Channel Marketing
    MUSIC Group

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