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Thread: X32 questions including use with Protools

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    X32 questions including use with Protools

    I currently have Protools working with a M-Audio ProjectMix I/O but this configuration has almost a half second delay between inputs and master outputs, only 8 inputs and cannot work as a stand-alone mixer without Protools running. It also requires that the ProjectMix I/O is booted before the PC running Protools. What’s more the PC must have a reboot not just a resume from Hibernate or Sleep. All of this is so annoying that I have virtually given up recording or playing so I am ready to upgrade but I need to make sure that I don’t make the same mistakes as before.

    Whilst looking for a replacement system I came across the Behringer X32 (top version with 16 input faders) which looks great but I’m unsure on a number of points. DV247 here in the UK have been very helpful but recommended that I sent an email to Behringer’s UK distributor for clarification on some points however I have not heard back from them after 10 days. Hopefully this forum can help.

    Use With Protools
    I have seen conflicting information online regarding the X32’s use with Protools so:

    Can the X32 work with Protools using ethernet; USB or firewire: with those that it can work with, does the PC need to be rebooted each time (and does the X32 need to be booted first)?
    How easy is it to move to and from stand-alone mode and Protools driven?
    I would like to use the X32 faders to control the input levels on Protools input channels i.e. mirror/follow/mimic the faders on Protools in both directions so that if I move a X32 fader the respective Protools fader will move in sync and visa versa.
    Can Protools’ master outputs be sent to the speakers/PA via the X32 and with levels controlled by the X32’s master fader?
    What is the typical input to output delay through the system when using Protools?
    Presumably the input to output delay when working stand-alone is not discernable?
    Is MIDI data on the X32 transferred to and from Protools for recording and replay or is it just there to control the X32?
    Are there any advantages to using an alternative DAW (poss. CuBase)?

    Can the 32 inputs be used as 16 stereo OR part mono part stereo?
    I notice that there is only one master fader so this is presumably stereo control?
    There seems to be only one option for the X32 itself which is a 32 bit firewire/USB audio interface card – true/false?
    There is also a control USB port as standard, can you use this to communicate control AND audio to and from Protools (or other DAW) or is the audio interface required for this?


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    You can link inputs so they act as a stereo pair.

    Master fader is a stereo control.

    Most likely the card interface is usb/firewire. Due to shortage of components there will be one day when it will ship with only the usb card. Other optional cards available to purchase is the adta, madi and dante card. This card will replace the existing one.

    The control usb port is currently not functioning. No words about it so far... You need the audio interface for audio. The interface provides you with midi over firewire/usb. There is also a real midi interface on the x32. The midi interface can be used to control the mixer in various forms. Control is normaly done over the ethernet port.

    The ethernet port does not provide any audio. Only if you install the optional dante card.
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    The mixer announces itself as a 32 channel asio/coreaudio soundcard. There is no need for a reboot unless protools is totally screwed up.

    I don't understand what you mean by 'move to and from standalone mode'.

    If protools supports the mackie control surface mcu/hui then the eight right faders will function as a mackie control surface. There is talk about extending this to comply with the mackie extended protocol using all the faders.

    X32 can take the master from protools and play it on its connected speakers like any other input.

    I don't know the latency. It is quite low but not like rme-interfaces.

    X32 input to output is 0.8 mS.

    Midi is control only and can not be used with synths.

    Protools or anything else? It's all about wokflow. Nowdays I use presonus studioone. Occationally I use cubase and ableton live. One gripe with protools is that there is no automatic delsy compensation for plugins and like.
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    Dear Alan,

    Thanks for your original question, and many thanks to Robert for answering some answers. Alan, if there are still items you're unsure about and would like clarification on, please don't hesitate to reach out to our CARE team at Thanks, and good luck!

    Sean Fairchild
    Specialist, Channel Marketing
    MUSIC Group

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    Robert, thank you very much for your prompt and very full response to my questions - I went on vacation the day after posting and came back to a bit of a crisis thus my slow response. Thanks you too Sean for your contact details. I will be looking into the product again shortly and it's still very much at the top of my list of mixers. Alan

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