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Thread: power down suggestion?

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    power down suggestion?

    I'm having a problem with pops through my speakers when I turn off my system. This is my turn on sequence: I turn on my X32>1st S16 stage box>2nd S16 stage box>P16-D>2 ULTRA-DI PRO DI800>Bose PM 8500 Amp. I have no problems with pops when turning on. But if I reverse the order to shut down, I get pops from the system. Any suggestions as to why? I thought if the amp shuts down first, it should keep that from happening?

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    How quickly is this sequence going after you switch OFF the Bose amp?

    Depending on the technology of amplifiers, there may still be power "left" in the amp (no more than a 10 to 20 seconds) that could be released to speakers if a signal is applied to the amp input.
    You can also try to set the input faders to 0 (at the amplifier level, if available).


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    Patrick...thanks...that was it...needed longer time in the sequence to power down.

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    Hi Greg,

    Good! But it shows Bose amps are not that well designed for their price-tag. Ideally, there should be a relay that completely disconnects outputs as soon as the amp is switched off and discharges whatever energy is left in the amplifier into a resistor load. Oh well...


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