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Thread: New iPad App Preview!

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    New iPad App Preview!

    Dear All,
    As Glenn has pointed out, we released a "preview" version of a new app called X AIR on the Apple store. This will be used to control the X18 and some very exciting new products in development. We hope you enjoy the preview!
    John DiNicola
    Manager, Channel Marketing
    MUSIC Group

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    Hi john

    Are there any release dates for the x18, my baby is due in December and I want this to be the first of many great Xmas presents.


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    Hi, I just downloaded the Ipad X32-Mix App that said it was 100% compatible with the Version 2.0X firmware. But when we tried to use it is said that we had to turn off snippets and Cues to make it work. Is this your understanding or is Apple not supplying the latest version ?

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    While it's compatible all functionality like the rta and snippets aren't implemented yet.
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    I agree with Robert:
    When is the RTA coming to the iPad?

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    Hi I found another Post By John DiNicola that said that cues and snippets will be coming in the next version, lets hope that is soon.

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    When is that next version coming? I've been anxious for it since April 25th. Gimme some RTA!!
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    This app seems to be pretty smooth.
    Are there plans to use it with the X32? It would provide a consistent platform for X32 and IX18 users, and provide a slicker interface than the recently announced App for the Preonus Rm16 and 32 mixers.

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