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Thread: New iPad App Preview!

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    New iPad App Preview!

    Dear All,
    As Glenn has pointed out, we released a "preview" version of a new app called X AIR on the Apple store. This will be used to control the X18 and some very exciting new products in development. We hope you enjoy the preview!
    John DiNicola
    Manager, Channel Marketing
    MUSIC Group

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    Hi john

    Are there any release dates for the x18, my baby is due in December and I want this to be the first of many great Xmas presents.


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    Hi, I just downloaded the Ipad X32-Mix App that said it was 100% compatible with the Version 2.0X firmware. But when we tried to use it is said that we had to turn off snippets and Cues to make it work. Is this your understanding or is Apple not supplying the latest version ?

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    While it's compatible all functionality like the rta and snippets aren't implemented yet.
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    I agree with Robert:
    When is the RTA coming to the iPad?

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    Hi I found another Post By John DiNicola that said that cues and snippets will be coming in the next version, lets hope that is soon.

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    When is that next version coming? I've been anxious for it since April 25th. Gimme some RTA!!
    I love what I do - live sound, AV, and lighting.

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    This app seems to be pretty smooth.
    Are there plans to use it with the X32? It would provide a consistent platform for X32 and IX18 users, and provide a slicker interface than the recently announced App for the Preonus Rm16 and 32 mixers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John DiNicola View Post
    Dear All,
    As Glenn has pointed out, we released a "preview" version of a new app called X AIR on the Apple store. This will be used to control the X18 and some very exciting new products in development. We hope you enjoy the preview!
    Hi John,

    are there any News concerning the x air product(s) you are advertising on the behringer home page and which shall come in September?

    Best regards

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    I am not sure where to post this so I will posted it in the announcement. I am very exited about the xr series so I have decided to install the iPad app so I can have fun with it until the hardware is released. Here is a few things I found about the app:

    - I had a few crashes while I was using it. The app needs to be 100% reliables since it will be used in live shows. But I guess it's a beta version so it should improve.
    - I did not find any save/load buttons. Perhaps it's because i was using the demo but this is really important as I want to make sure I can save my configurations between show.
    - Can you use the headphone jack of the iPad for your phone listening? I know there is a plug for headphones on the xr12 unit but if the device is on stage and im on FOH, i still want to be able to hear it.
    - The hpf should auto-default to 100Hz or 80Hz however if you select to change it using the knob, it should show what is the knob value. Right now, when you are turning the knob, nothing show.
    - what is the link button for? Even if I link two channels, when I change the setting or move the sliders, the other one is not changing.
    - when you edit the channel properties (input, gate, dyn, etc), can you identify at the left of the setting, which channel is selected? Since it's a touchscreen, it's pretty easy to select the incorrect one and right now, there is no way to make 100% sue you have the right one.
    -when you want to put a label or color to identify your slider, you have to go in the settings and in edit channels. Would it be possible to put this at the same place then when you edit the channel properties (input, gate, et, output)? It would be much faster then going back In the settings.
    - in the main view (where you have your sliders) is there a way to identify when your gate is active or not? Maybe just change the color of the gate button, same thing for dyn
    - when you change the label of an aux, it should reflect in the buttons list at the complete left. This way, it would be easy to select your good mix (instead of aux1, aux2). The name should also change at the bottom of the sliders (if possible)
    - when you use the Gate or dyn, there is some presets available. However, when you use them, it doesn't change the value of the threshold knob, nor disable it. There is also no way to disable preset if you previously selected one (the button remains selected even if you manually turn the knob)
    - there is a little lag when I move the sliders however, there is a huge lag if I have linked two sliders together in the channel setup making the slider really hard to control.

    So that's all that I think of now, even with this big list, I really like the app and can't wait to use it for real. I'm just giving my comment to improve it

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