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Thread: [B1500D-PRO] Sound cutting

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    Exclamation [B1500D-PRO] Sound cutting

    Hello, I have a problem with a subwoofer (B1500D-PRO). This subwoofer make sound cutting.

    I released a video

    What are the problems ?

    Thank you

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    Your level is almost off. I would boost that and lower the output of your cross-over. The low input level on the amp could be acting like a gate. Other thing is you might have a bad cable, but I'm guessing you already verified that wasn't the case.
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    In first time, thanks Brian Monroe for your reply to my thread. Second, I made test again. I turn the level to 0 and change cables.
    I had test in the enter left and enter right. I think it's better but the problem is not fix. There are many sound cutting off.

    Have you an idea ?


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    Hi Damien,

    I just noticed with the level set to almost off, you are still getting a very strong signal going to the sub. You may need to back off the signal from wherever it is coming from and increase the level on the sub to 0. The input signal may be too high and the limiter is cutting out, protecting the woofer.


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    It has nothing to do with the input level setting, I have one that is doing the same thing only worse. Acts like the protection circuitry is mis-firing and continuously gates the amplifier no matter what the input signal level is. When I last used mine it was working fine, it then sat for a couple of month with the power on but no signal and when I went to use it again it was doing this. So whatever failed, failed while it was sitting idle.

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