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Thread: Help with X32 FOH connecting to X32 Compact in recording room

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    Question Help with X32 FOH connecting to X32 Compact in recording room

    We have a older X32 for FOH that is feeding a signal via AES / CAT5 cable to a newer X32 Compact in a recording room. Want to record in Logic Pro9 from the Compact, I am getting a signal from FOH mixer but not an out from the compact into Logic. Also can you copy presets from the X32 to the X32 Compact, when I tried none of the same settings were there. Would like help in Noobie terms (if possible) in routing this. Thank You!
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    I have no doubt that someone here will be able to help solve your problem but I think a little more info would be needed in order to do that. If you could provide some more details about your setup; connections, routing, etc, it would help tremendously. For example, you say you are getting a signal from FOH mixer but that is a little vague. Where are you getting a signal; at the FOH mixer itself or is it passing a signal to the Compact? How is the Compact connected to Logic?

    Any additional detailed info you can provide will make it much easier for us to help solve your problem. Without knowing anything else about your setup, I would suggest making sure both consoles are running the same firmware version. I hope this can lead to a solution for you.
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    Dwight is right. If you can give us more information as to which signals are being sent, through which AES50 ports and also if both consoles are on the same firmware then I know we will be able to help you out on this.

    let us know if you have other questions in the meantime.
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    Make sure your card outs are set to the same inputs you're using on the X32 compact. Used my X32 with an S16 setup provided by a production company for the first time recently and took me a few minutes to sus why I didn't have signal in my standard Reaper setup.

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    Thanks that was the trick!

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