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Thread: High Quality Ethernet Cable from BEHRINGER

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    No announcement yet, Jeff.

    John DiNicola is good about keeping us informed on product availability.

    In the interim, if you need a cable, select a good quality shielded cable. Although, I have 150' of unshielded Cat6 that I use with my S16s when I don't have the X32 at the side of the stage, and it performs just fine.

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    well.. this is not brain surgery... it's a cable!

    I have yet to see anything so far so I am ordering a Whirlwind ENC2 just a short 25' so i can have an s16 as a stage box and have 32 inputs and 16 outputs on the X32 compact. This is for an installation where the X32c is next to the stage and I can have the s16 in a box on stage for the back line and monitor feeds as well...

    I'll get another x32... prolly the full size for a rental PA system with 2 s16 on stage or maybe a x32 rack and use it as a monitor system... and for this I will need a 150'-200' heavy duty cable and a shorter link. the whirlwind are great quality but a bit expensive... so I am hoping Behringer can have a reasonably priced yet quality option for this and in various lengths.

    we should have:
    short length 6', 10', 15'
    medium length 25' 50' 75'
    long length 100' 150' 200'
    to have a complete selection or at least the option to custom order any length you need. I do a lot of installations so I need various lengths for different jobs and don't like having a roll of extra cable rolled up.
    I'd list my gear here but they only allow 200 characters... I have MIDIS?AVID/BEHRINGER/PRESONUS/SOUNDCRAFT consoles and Meyer/QSC/Mackie Speakers and tons of gear.

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    Is it really that hard to find anybody with the necessary crimp-tools? Neutric RJ-45 housing, RJ-45 plugs and shielded/braided cat5+ or cat6 cable are all readily available on the market. I would mount several of these connectors in the time it takes to prepare and solder a single XLR-plug.

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