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Thread: X18 & Crickets

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    Good points, Scott. I already had a box full of old wi-fi routers and an existing 6U rack I was using so I guess I failed to consider that added cost.

    I exclusively mix with an 8" droid tablet mounted to my mic stand. I used to use a 10" but the 8" one is even less obtrusive. I love it. I also have gotten pretty efficient with the rack GUI. I hardly ever even load X32 Edit anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Mertz View Post
    I just don't think the x18 is that compelling a product given the price reduction on the X32 Rack. Why even bother? Are there that many buyers on the sideline too intimidated by the feature set, form factor, or price of the X32 Rack? It is hard to think so.
    Hi mark

    Look at all the non professional products this company make for the amateur market, why bother with any of that? The x32 and the dcx are the products of choice for many serious users right now, yet they have no speaker or amplifier to take seriously.

    I am not intimidated by the feature set, but as a solo singer, I am not paying for stuff I do not need nor will ever use, if I purchased a 32 and got used to working this way, I would want a spare, you are talking silly money now for the likes of me.

    I think there is a market for an x18, but I think there would be a bigger market for an x8, if was in a band and we had to all chip in for an x 32 it would not hurt too much more than chipping in for an x18 and I agree with the why bother view on that.

    Right now I will argue that if you want a quality low channel desk at a good price, you are very limited, if you want a quality low channel desk at a high price, you are equally limited.

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