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Thread: Behringer CMD Studio 4a Intimation.

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    Behringer CMD Studio 4a Intimation.

    Hi there, I bought a CMD Studio 4a a month ago. So excited at the beginning:
    1. Very sturdy;
    2. Metal finish;
    3. Beautiful lights colors (my daughter is so excited about this);
    4. Well build knobs and faders;
    5. Great job with "kill" buttons;
    6. Awesome jogs;
    7. All the elements are very friendly;
    8. Mapping made easy.
    1. The faders paint went off after two uses;
    2. Deckadance software:
    a.) Does not recognize the CMD Studio 4a with the Behringer ASIO Driver but works OK with ASIO4ALL (OK, not like a charm);
    b.) big latencies on faders when trying to scratch or play with faders;
    c.) from time to time the music stops for less than a second (encountered this problem on VDJ too) / some glitches;

    I did some diggings and found that many people have changed the USB cable and the problem disappear. Not to me. I've changed 7 USB cables and the glitch doesn't leave (perhaps he loves living with me.. but I hate it).
    I have to mention that my laptop is an HP450 i7 2.2GHz / 16Gb RAM / 1Tb HDD 5400rpm.

    Any suggestion on how to optimize?

    Btw, for future builds of this controller I take the opportunity to suggest:
    1. Channel GAIN knob;
    2. CUE buttons to be used like normal pads / the possibility to be reconfigured.

    Thanks for your time and support.
    Have a grateful day!
    Gabriel G.
    I would love to change the world but they won't gave me the source code.

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    Dear Gabriel,

    It's possible that there could be some kind of incompatibility between your motherboard or some other hardware or software element of your system and the controller itself, or some issue with the Deckadance installation. It's always hard to know where to start on these kinds of problems. However, please free free to contact our CARE team at for assistance if you like!

    Best regards,
    Sean Fairchild
    Specialist, Channel Marketing
    MUSIC Group

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