Hi there, I bought a CMD Studio 4a a month ago. So excited at the beginning:
1. Very sturdy;
2. Metal finish;
3. Beautiful lights colors (my daughter is so excited about this);
4. Well build knobs and faders;
5. Great job with "kill" buttons;
6. Awesome jogs;
7. All the elements are very friendly;
8. Mapping made easy.
1. The faders paint went off after two uses;
2. Deckadance software:
a.) Does not recognize the CMD Studio 4a with the Behringer ASIO Driver but works OK with ASIO4ALL (OK, not like a charm);
b.) big latencies on faders when trying to scratch or play with faders;
c.) from time to time the music stops for less than a second (encountered this problem on VDJ too) / some glitches;

I did some diggings and found that many people have changed the USB cable and the problem disappear. Not to me. I've changed 7 USB cables and the glitch doesn't leave (perhaps he loves living with me.. but I hate it).
I have to mention that my laptop is an HP450 i7 2.2GHz / 16Gb RAM / 1Tb HDD 5400rpm.

Any suggestion on how to optimize?

Btw, for future builds of this controller I take the opportunity to suggest:
1. Channel GAIN knob;
2. CUE buttons to be used like normal pads / the possibility to be reconfigured.

Thanks for your time and support.
Have a grateful day!