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Thread: Can't work the FX on X1204USB Xenyx Mixer!!!

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    Can't work the FX on X1204USB Xenyx Mixer!!!


    I have just bought a “Behringer X1204USB Xenyx 12 Input 2/2 Bus Mixer”, am having “difficulties” in learning how to use it and would really appreciate someone’s help!

    I think the problem is a combination of the facts that I am a complete MORON with all things technical and that someone upstairs doesn’t like me! The other problem is that this mixer does FAR more than I need it to…..

    I bought it to run a Karaoke and I bought the “X” version as I wanted to use the FX to add reverb, echo or whatever to the mic(s) I chose to add them to, when I wanted to add them… NO CHANCE!!!

    Could one of you gifted, bright and extremely helpful technical people please tell me what to do? ALL I want is to….

    1) Be told how the FX on this mixer actually works, as in which buttons do I press to do what, what does “Lo” mean that I keep getting and what on earth are the numbers in the screen when they have a decimal point between them???
    2) Add the FX that this mixer tells me it has (having been told –as above – how to select them) to one or more of the microphones I’ve plugged in and learn how to turn it off and on again when I want?

    I actually am not a complete idiot – just with all things technical! I found and downloaded the instruction manual for my mixer but could barely understand a word of it! If there is a simpler one out there (“If you press this, this happens” or “If you want to do this, press this”), then PLEASE let me know but if not, idiot-proof instructions on how I get it to do what I want it to would be GRATEFULLY received???

    PS I have my first Gig next week – may the Ye-Hah-Gods of Karaoke have mercy upon me…?

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    Just thought I'd add that I am absolutely serious with my question - in case any of you thought it was too silly to be taken seriously....?

    PLEASE help?

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    Hi Colin,

    Welcome to the forum and sorry that you did not get any response so far. Most of my time is spent in the X32 section. But I'll try and help you as best as I can.

    On page 10 of the English manual, it does explain how to engage the Fx (selecting the preset then pushing on the knob). But you are correct that it doesn't give much more detail with regard to signal path and how to get Fx working. Let me suggest a simple exercise that should help you understand it a bit.

    - Plug a microphone in channel 1 and turn the gain and fader up as well as the main output until you get a good signal.
    - Turn the orange knob on channel 1 up about half way (12:00). This will send the mic signal to the Fx bus.
    - In the Aux Sends section, turn the orange knob to about half way. This is the master knob for the orange Fx bus (all signals of the various channels going to the Fx engine).
    - Choose the Fx that you want (try the Plate which is # 03 for vocals) and press the knob.
    - In the Stereo Aux Returns section, make sure the Main Mix button is up, then turn the orange knob up until you get the desired amount of Fx going to the main output.

    Hope that helps


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    Hi Paul

    You are a STAR!!! Thank you so much! I am sorry it's taken me a while to come back to you but I've been waiting for an email to tell me I had got a reply and - no email!!! Good job I checked....

    I am doing another booking on Wednesday next so will try the things you have suggested then and I'll let you know how I get/got on...

    Thanks again for taking the time to help and I have my fingers crossed....


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    You are most welcome Colin. Sorry about the email notification not working - not sure what happened there. Those instructions should work just fine. But I would suggest you try them out before your booking on Wednesday, so that you aren't trying to learn something under pressure. Just a thought.


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