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Thread: Inuke 6000 power consumption querie

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    Inuke 6000 power consumption querie

    Hi I am a newbie to your forum and hoping someone here could give me a little advice regarding the Inuke nu6000 amp. I am currently looking at purchasing 4x nu6000 amplifiers to power my tri amped rig that usually runs from an 8kva diesel generator (that is not clean line compatible).

    It is currently powered by 8x 2400w@4r bridged class H amps (6 power subs 2 as l/r channels mid bass) plus 1400w@2r run stereo for mid tops and a 500w@4r to power monitors via a standard 19" UK 8way psd and seems to run happy enough as is.

    As I am planning to move to Inuke digital amps to reduce weight and rack space, I was thinking about using a samson powerbright power conditioner inline which is rated at 10amps that I have kicking around and wondered if this would be enough or will it be tripping constantly?

    I have read on the internet that each amp would be better of run on a 30amp socket but find that hard to believe as they are run from a standard iec plug instead of an industrial socket. I can afford to buy another power conditioner but they only seem go to a 16amp which is what my generator plug is rated at.

    If it is possible to run 4 of these amps with the 1400 and the 500 still in situe from one single power source it will be a big help leaving my only worry how to split a mono signal between 3 of them run in parallel as there seems to be no through connector (hint hint)?

    if it is any help music is all vinyl (reggae dub dubstep ((not pubstep)) & jungle) not live with exception to the odd mc, my speaker set up at full on this rig is 6x peavey sp218bx subs and 4x sp3 bi amped.

    My head unit consists of phonic power conditioner/rack lamp, yamaha mv802 line mixer with a behringer virtualizer dsp1000 and a boss re20 in the aux bus for vocals only, a dual 15band eq which is usualy bypassed unless in a small venue. behringer composer pro mdx 2200 compressor limiter and cx2310 crossover, a 1980's sound fx with echo machine for sending signal bleeps.and an img stageline db meter mounted in the back so I can keep my eye on input levels when I'm at the bar etc, plus a set of technics a vestax vmc 150 mixer (going to go for a new nox1010 when I get the amps) and a thomann rack lamp in a coffin, that all run from the same gen.

    I have a smaller 1.8kva gen that run the lights and smoke so there are no clicks in the sound stage from smoke blasts and lighting being turned on and off.

    Any advice you can offer me would be a big help, many thanks Jonny

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    Hi Jonny,

    I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. I am going to ping one of our product specialists so that you may get a response to this question in the next day or two.

    In the meantime, have you had a chance to review our new forum name policy? Please read this over, and send me a PM, so I can fix your username up.

    Also, I am moving this thread to the Live Sound forum where it will be slightly more on-topic. Cheers!

    Take care,
    James Burns,
    Coordinator, Social Media
    MUSIC-Group US.

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    On monday, I get two iNUKE NU-6000DSP. I will test output power by 8/4 ohm virtual resistance, both channels simultaneously, with oscilloscope, and tone generator. On next day, here will be results of the test.

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