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Thread: Guitar rig 5 + guitar link asio4all and behringer

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    Question Guitar rig 5 + guitar link asio4all and behringer

    My problem is that there's no input signal from my guitar line to the pc.. I did the basic installation with the drivers and all those things. plz view this picture.

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    The picture shows that Guitar Rig expects your guitar to be on the front mike connector. Presumably you have to change the inputsetting on Guitar Rig to "Behringer USB"? Unfortunately, I don't use guitar rig, so I can go only by the handbook, but if you go to the "Audio" tab on the "Audio and Midi Settings" dialog that you have open, you ought to be able to select the ASIO4ALL as driver and the BEHRINGER USB WDM AUDIO as device.
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    Dear Sivan,

    I do use GR5 Pro and may be able to help. Keep in mind that with ASIO devices, you can only use one at a time. The symbol you can see in this picture in the ASIO4ALL dialog window shows a logic problem/conflict between your VIA and Behringer devices. Can you walk us through your setup very thoroughly? Are you trying to use the VIA device along with the Behringer inetrface, or just the Behringer? If the latter is the case, try turning the VIA "off" in that ASIO4ALL dialog and restarting. And as Michael mentioned above, you'll need to change your GR Audio settings to look for the Behringer device instead of the VIA.

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