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Thread: XENYX1204FX Question

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    XENYX1204FX Question

    hello to the community at beheringer forums, I've ran into a issue with a older mixer made by behringer , a XENYX1204FX i've had it for around a year now, and use it for work, Recently at a Gig, i use the two line in stereo, for queing tracks, however recently one channel runs into a little issue, The sound goes all Distorted, and sounds awful soon as i unplug it, and replug it back in, The problem stops, then 5-10 mins after it does it again. anyone ran into a issue like this before. Sorry for the lack of description of the sound, Lets just say. it sounds awful. I use 2 identical soundcards and cables. so it's not them. Wondering if its a bad connection within or something on the go, on that channel

    Andrew Stanley

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    Hi Andrew,

    Welcome to the forum. Have you tried that same cable in the other stereo inputs? Have you tried changing to a different cable? The reason I ask is that the first thing I suspect is the cable. If changing inputs solves the problem, but changing the cable doesn't, then you might possibly have a hardware failure on the one side of that particular stereo input on the mixer. But as I mentioned, my experience is to change the cable first (yes they do go bad frequently).


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    Dear Andrew,

    Does the sound steadily degrade when the problem starts happening, like it's on a curve downwards in quality, or is it sudden? Can you try testing with some other input? I feel like if it is kind of gradual after the initial onset of the problem, it could be a power issue in some form. But if it's sudden, sounds like a physical connection to me.

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    Not sure if this is of help, I had a similar problem once, i use to come out of my laptop in to an external sound card in to the line ins of the xenyx, I had the the little button for extra gain depressed, and the internal volume of the laptop set at about 75 percent, I found that the mixer did not like being pushed too much, and I ultimately lowered the internal volume of the laptop, removed the extra gain and pushed the fader higher to get the extra output, this sorted it, at times , the whole mixer use to fall over as if the psu was knackered.

    Good luck

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