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Thread: X32 + 4x S16 for fixed installation .... ´some questions

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    X32 + 4x S16 for fixed installation .... ´some questions


    my name is Michael and I'm from Germany, so please excuse my bad english.

    I have read the manual, read alot in this and other (mostly) german forums about the X32,
    but I have a few questions for you.
    I want to use the X32 in a fixed installation. 32 channels are ok. I dont want to use the local
    inputs, cause I want to use the X32 at diffrent places connecting only the 2 AES-50 ports.
    Using 3 or 4 S16 will make the installation easier but I have a problem with 8block input selection.
    At one place I need only 6 inputs, on an other for e.g. I need 12.
    The manual will not reely help me (not yet available in german)

    First there is an easy question.
    1. Can I connect directly a symmetric line signal to a S16 input?

    2. If I understand the manual right I can patch 8 Inputs from one S16 to the 8 outputs of an other S16,
    is this corrcect?

    So my idea to be more flexible is.

    I have the "stage" there is S16-A here I need 6 inputs
    I have a technical room there is S16-B here I need 12 inputs
    And I have a rack there are S16-C and S16-D here I (only) need 12 inputs

    I connect the X32 to the two S16 in the rack with the seperate ports , daisy-chainig the the other S16

    X32-AES50-A <-> S16-C <-> S16-A
    X32-AES50-B <-> S16-D <-> S16-B

    I think this is no problem and should work.

    Now i have to route the inputs.
    Input 1-8 to S16-D Output 1-8 (need 6)

    Input 1-8 to X32 channel 1-8 (need all)
    Input 9 -16 to S16-C Output 1-8 (need 6)

    Input 1-8 to X32 channel 9-16 (need all)
    Input 9 -16 to X32 channel 17-24 (need 4) 4 free

    Input 1-8 to X32 channel 25-32 8 free

    Now I take short xlr-patch-cables and connect the Outputs of S16-C and D
    as I need to the free inputs of C and D.

    S16-D output 1-6 xlr-patched to S-16-D input 1-6
    S16-C output 1-2 xlr-patched to S-16-D input 7-8
    S16-C output 3-6 xlr-patched to S-16-C input 5-8

    Can I do it in this way? I hope you uderstand what I mean.

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    Dear Michael,

    regarding your questions:

    1. Yes, this is possible as the X32 Preamps have 72dB gain range and also can handle line level signals.

    2. Send you a PM to conversate in German.

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    Hello togehther,

    now the X32 COMPACT and three S16 arrived last Friday.
    In a quick check with am pre-made configuration (thanks to XControl) everthing works as expected.

    Quick Setup, quick routing, easy to handle Behringer did a grat job

    However, I found that the S16 was quite warm after some time.
    The S16 will be installed in air conditioned technical room, so can I use them in continous operation,
    or should it be better to turn them off everyday? (The same question for the X32-C.


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