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Thread: X-USB initialisation issues still present in firmware 2.04

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    X-USB initialisation issues still present in firmware 2.04

    Unfortunately the two problems with initialisation of the X-USB-card previously reported in 1.15 are still present in firmware 2.04:

    1. The card sometime fails to initialise during boot and remain unavailable as audio-interface for the connected computer after boot. The workaround is to either force re-initialisation of the X-USB-card by making changes in Setup/Card, or power-cycle the X32.
    2. There's a loud pop across all channels receiving signal from USB just as the boot-sequence completes. The workaround is to make sure that all inputs (or all outputs) are muted before the mixer is turned off. Keeping all inputs/outputs muted until the boot-sequence is properly completed is something future firmware should do.

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    Interesting. I just swapped out my board with the FireWire / USB combo for a unit with the USB only card and this happened to me right before a show last week. The actual USB cable connection was loose ( I think the cable was a bit worn ) and I assumed that was the cause. I left it sitting while I finished setting up ( about 10 minutes ) and by the time I got back to it my computer ( a Mac ) had recognized the board. And I did notice the pops, although they are VERY low level, like -60 to -50 and they were more like a static "snap" noise on mine. Since my amps are the last thing to get turned on, it's not really been an issue for me. Kind of like the "sound" every other board I've owned made when turned on. Since that one event, it's been rock solid.

    I seem to remember a thread somewhere recommending re-seating the card after initial shipping. I think I'll try that tonight.

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    The problems are still there in firmware 2.05. There's a workaround in place for the pops on boot as outputs are moved to infinity on startup, but I'd much prefer a solution where everything is muted during boot and then have all levels restored once the console intitialision is properly completed. The display should not appear as if the console is up and running before initialisation is complete.

    Could the failure to initiate be an issue with the X-USB's onboard firmware? I'm unable to update it from its current version 6 to the latest one available (8) because the update-utility is failing on my Mac.

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