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Thread: BCD3000 - Getting sound to my Amp (Traktor 2 2.6)

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    BCD3000 - Getting sound to my Amp (Traktor 2 2.6)

    I have my BCD3000 connected to a new installed PC just for DJ-ing. Have not used/installed the BCD3000 before.

    Downloaded the latest driver, installed the driver, connected the BCD3000 when the installation asked for it.
    I left all the settings as default and connected the BCD3000 to my AMP using the Master Output.

    Installed Traktor 2 v2.6.0, ran through the wizard, made sure the BCD3000 (ASIO) is the audio driver. I made sure the BCD3000 controller was recognized. All this using the info one can find on the internet.

    So, when I start a record, no sound from my AMP.. But I do hear the music when using my headphone.
    Any suggestions?

    These are the links I used;

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    Please check the routing in the outputs tab of the preferences. Main Out should be assigned to Outputs 1 and 2, Monitor to Output 3 and 4. It should also be selected "internal mixing".

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    You need to install asio4all i think if you want to have audio and monotoring! I have a bcd2000 running bcd3ooo Tsi and it works fine. Hope this helps

    and choose asio4all for audio route not bcd

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    The official driver for BCD3000 supports 2 stereo inputs and 2 stereo outputs, so main output and monitoring output is possible if routed correctly within Traktor (or any other DJ software).

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