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    I am confused. I have purchased products from Behringer in the past for our Church, and have received great service and quality from the products, as well as the Tec Department, when needed. My recent purchase has been less than desiarable, with reguards to consideration to a faulty product and a desire to help a customer in need. I had a powered mixer go out and followed all of the request of the warrenty department for repair, yet I am still without the unit after 5 weeks. We purchased this unit for a specific venue, yet was not able to use as needed, due to a faulty channel. I was told that a new unit was being ship last Tuesday, yet when I called today to check, no unit had been shipped, nor has anyone contacted us to let us know of a delay. I want to use Behringer, due to being a great value, yet I am worried about future service issues. Any suggestions?


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    Hi Hardehe!

    Were you able to get this issue resolved? Please let me know if you need help, and I can check the status of your case for you.

    In the meantime, have you had a chance to review our new forum name policy? Please read this over, and send me a PM, so I can fix your username up.

    Take care,
    James Burns,
    Coordinator, Social Media
    MUSIC-Group US.

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