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Thread: XControl PC App

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    XControl PC App

    Ok so I bought a Samsung ATIV smart pad with full windows 8 and networked it with my X32 with wifi. The only reason I bought this instead of an ipad is because the app for the ipad is VERY limited and does NOT even allow access to channel processing, eq, compressor, ect. It helped me do my gig BUT, it's very glitchy.

    The faders are all way too small, it is too easy to grab the wrong one. As a matter of fact, in my opinion, all of the controls are too small, an option to choose lager controls is NEEDED. One other thing, it would be nice if on the eq you could grab the eq bands on the graphic picture and shift the frequencys and gain without going to the dials.

    One thing is for sure, unless you absolutely had to you would NOT want to mix only on the tablet alone. I wonder how the ipad version is as far as fader moves. I wish there was full control over the board on the ipad app. My opinion.

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    Is your tablet capable of stylus pen only usage, or is it finger control like an iPad? I use an older Lenovo Thinkpad that responds only to the stylus pen. Works great for me, and allows precision control. While the faders may seem small, I like that they are all displayed on one screen. With the stylus pen on the EQ screen, you can easily grab a frequency, and adjust it and the gain up or down. You do need to pre-set the amount of Q, however. You can even adjust all the bands on the 31-band insertable EQs. The XControl seems like it is only an update or two away from offering total control of the console, and I have been using it so far with no glitches.
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    I was told by a good source that the XControl was made for a mouse, it was not developed for touch screens. It will evolve.

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    I use xControl remotely via iPad (VNC to computer) and have no problems as you describe. Does your tablet allow you to magnify the screen? The iPad does easily (two finger expand/collapse) making whatever you wish to edit simple and big enough so there is no issues. FYI, the iPad can also be used with a stylus, which is exactly what I do. I have even used my iPhone on occasion and had no issues. I have mixed several shows this way and yet to encounter any issues, except the inability to recall scenes remotely from the X32 (recall only from iControl scene memory) but that has nothing to do with the iPad just something that needs revising in the iControl software.

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