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Thread: Anyone Using Dante as recording Interface x32?

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    Everything was working great until I uninstalled the printer drivers and the x32 Firewire driver because I didn't need it any longer. Dante was working great. I was running 48kHz for playback and recording it was awesome but now not so much. My above mention of not a lot of headroom was wrong on my part it's actually has a lot. The reason it was clipping is because the signal is hot coming from the Dante stuff as where the Firewire compensates for it in the software where Dante doesn't because of all the different platforms it deals with. This is according to information the audinate tech gave me.

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    For whatever reason the Dante Virtual Soundcard will not start and errors with "Audio Driver Failed (512)" and thats all I get. Anyone that can help me would be great. I'm just going to use firewire until a solution can be found.

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    Ok I finally resolved the issue and got it working again for whatever reason but it is. With the help of this reg cleaning app I was able to get it to work again. There may also be an issue with licensing if you use it on multiple machines.

    I used a program called Advanced Uninstaller Pro and its free and actually works. There're a lot out there that don't.

    1. Uninstalled controller and dante virtual soundcard using the AUP and let it remove everything about the app. It will prompt you.
    Make sure to uninstall everything that is Dante in the list. It install more than just the 2 programs.
    2. Reboot
    3. Reinstall virtual sound card First
    4. Reinstall the controller
    5. Reboot
    6. Startup the virtual sound card and enter your license code.

    I bought 2 licenses and decided to use the new one and then it worked. Not sure if this is actually what fixed it or not. No real confirmed answers from the Audinate support team. If you read my earlier posts I was only allowed to add 8 receive channels (It maybe in an email instead sorry). and after the ninth it would fail.

    I was then able to add all 32 channels and it worked for my entire mix session the other night. I have to say it sounds much better than the firewire card. I hope it continues to work because I like it.

    You may want to purchase additional licenses if you will be using it on multiple machines. Especially at $29.

    Hope this helps.


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    This latest update (firmware 2.06) that fixes the playback gain with Dante is awesome. I can now crank the sh*t out of the main outs on my daw without that really annoying clipping. Before if my daw was in the red at times it would just be super annoying.

    Everything seems to be working great and all the issues I was having with Dante are now in the past and with this latest firmware update I can back to my normal work flow.

    Thanks guys at Behringer this is the best thing ever.

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