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Thread: Anyone Using Dante as recording Interface x32?

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    Anyone Using Dante as recording Interface x32?

    Anyone using the xDante card with the x32 as a recording interface. I've been trying with out any luck. Very glitchy. Firewire seems more stable.

    I'm using a workstation not a laptop.

    AMD quad core 2.8g
    8 gig ram
    gig nic card
    nvidia 420 video card
    7200 rpm drives

    everyone likes specs. I'm using Studio one as my daw. Songs I originally recording using firewire would hardly play maybe to heavy on plugins. Also audio clipping I had to bring all my levels down. Big difference between drop outs and clicks compared to audio clipping.

    Maybe the webinar will shed some light on this.
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    I'm also using S1. Had the same experience re levels; I had to turn them down. Haven't experienced any other "glitches" though. Please give more detail. What are your settings re latency, master clock, switch bandwidth, cable (5, 5e, 6), etc.?

    Also, have you or anyone else figured out how to activate Mackie control once xdante is installed? Is the x32 relegated to using the midi I/O or can the "remote" Ethernet port or the xdante be configured to send Mackie signals?

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    I've used all the settings and couldn't tell you thus far what they are not looking at it at the moment. Cable is cat6. Nic is 1gig, sync I tried it both positions it worked better when it was set to local.
    I basically tried almost every setting. It seemed to work great at first then gradually got worse. It could've also been the one song I was using it had more tracks and plugins in it and was pushing my machine to its limits. I'm going to try again. Over the weekend I updated my workstation so hopefully this will make it better.

    The midi stuff I had to run through another interface to get the mackie control to work. I just used one of my Firestudio Projects I'm not using anymore. I couldn't see anyway to transmit midi through Dante.

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    Have you tried recording without the Firestudio connected?

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    I use the firestudio just for midi.

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    Since my first post I started using Dante again. I've upgraded my workstation to where it shouldn't be an issue in regards to being unable to handle audio. I did find some settings in my network card that dramatically changed audio performance between my mixer and workstation. Even though the guys at Audinate said otherwise. The other question is should I be using 48 Hz or 44 Hz. I have many projects that use 44 when I using the Firewire interface but would 48 Hz give me more head room. I still get a lot of clipping on play back and I have to make sure my levels don't exceed -3db coming out of my DAW.

    Perhaps I'll try switching to 48Hz and see how that works. Thanks for listening.

    AMD FX 8 core
    16 gigs of ram
    nvidia 660 video card

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    Well 48Hz seems to have given me what I was looking for in regards of head room. I played back some of my current projects and they all seem to play back using the new settings. Recording maybe something else but we will see later today. I'll keep you posted. I will also post my settings of the nic card that I mentioned I changed to get better bandwidth.

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    Still not impressed with Dante. I don't really think it's something a studio can really use. Any thoughts?

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    Here is the latest of my adventures with Dante. It is currently unusable after I uninstalled printer drivers that were no longer being used and the driver for the original firewire card that came with the x32. I'm currently talking with a tech at Audinate and trying different things without any luck. Hopefully I will be able to resolve this because I have noticed a considerable change in sound quality and volume.

    Errors 512 and 1024

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    I am using Dante since 2 years and now with X32 since aprox. 3 weeks without any troubles.

    I mostly use Cubase, sometimes Tracktion. I played all the audio-date around the network and had now problems till now.

    I used 44,1kHz because latency was important for me.
    The DAW is an intel-i7 with 32G ram, 3 gigabit-switches with QoS. On the PC I have printer drivers, the whole adobe range, internet, X-Edit, skype and Cubase/Tracktion. Most of the time I record with parallel 32 tracks from X32-Desk and X32-Rack. Both X32 are connected to Dante net. The Stageboxes with AES50. I only look to that all auto-updater etc. are turned off. So in the backround nerver runs a task that needs bandwith or cpu-power. With Dante-Controller I checked the signal-quality over days without a yellow or red bar.

    The only strange thing at the beginning was the need of the extremly precise max level. Level-meters on recorder, X32, yaamaha-desk etc. showing "all green" but that was not the truth. I used other level-meters (primarily Cubase master levelmeter with DIN-scale) and try never come over 0dB. Since that "more exactly" kind of setting I have no troubles.

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