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Thread: Group Outputs?

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    Group Outputs?

    We have had our X32 up and running live for a couple of weeks now. We use the board for House sound in a church. First things first, love the board! Obviously we are still getting to know it but most everything we have needed to accomplish has been very intuitive. I am the new guy in our sound department and have only been training for a few months so I still have a lot to learn. If my questions aren't clear please feel free to point out any problems and I will try to clarify.
    Here is the scenario we are trying to solve and what we have done so far. We feed inputs 10-15 with Choir Mics. What we wanted to accomplish was to put these in a sub group so that we can EQ the whole package instead of individual mics, yet still have fader control on an individual input. So we set up Bus 9 as a sub group and fed it accordingly. 9 feeds the mains and we EQ the house sound and all is good. However, we also want to send the output from 9 to other mix buses. The only solution we came up with was to set the source for input 16 as Bus 9 then feed 16 into the other buses. It seems strange to have to burn an input for this.

    1. Is this the proper way of doing this or is there a direct way to feed one Mix Bus/Group to another Mix Bus?
    2. Somewhat related question, why do you have to set up Sub Groups in pairs? When we set Mix Bus 9 to a sub Group Mix Bus 10 changes as well.

    Thanks for any input or suggestions!

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    A1) That's what the matrices are for. Take a look at section 5.13 on page 31 of the User Manual.
    A2) Good question - probably because if you are using sub-groups you generally want a stereo pair that you can pan channels across. If you don't want that, then just configure the mix busses as normal post-fader busses and set the channel bus send levels to 0dB.

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