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Thread: Difference between the UCA222 and UCA202

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    Difference between the UCA222 and UCA202

    I was looking at the manuals and it seems like they have exactly the same specs... what's the difference?

    Also is the UFO202 preamp suitable for other high impedence inputs (like electric guitars)

    I know there's the guitar link cable but I want something with high quality output as well (not just a powered headphone signal)

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    Dear Brian,

    I believe the UCA222 and UCA202 are almost identical, except in color. But for a full rundown of technical differences and also advisement on input impedance and suitability for electric guitars, please feel free to contact our CARE team at or call at 702-800-8290. If you know or can find out what the output impedance of your specific instrument is, you want to shoot for an input impedance about 10x as high on the audio interface (or whatever comes next in the signal chain). If you're using any pedals that include buffers, like Boss pedals prior to routing your signal to the interface, chances are your output impedance after that stage will only be in the hundred of Ohms, as opposed to being in the thousands. Thanks!

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