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Thread: How to import a scene from usbstick?

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    How to import a scene from usbstick?

    Does someone know how to import a safed scene from the usbstick?
    If I safe a scene in the usbstick, I didn't find a way to load it back on the desk..
    Thank you for answers.

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    Hi Camerra

    I am also facing the same problem,, cant see any clue in owners manual too


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    Assuming you mean recalling a saVed scene from the USB:

    1. Press the "VIEW" button in the scenes section,
    2. Press the "UTILITY" button adjacent to the screen,
    3. Press encoder #4 labeled "USB import scene",
    4. Rotate encoder #1 until desired scene is highlighted,
    5. Press encoder #1 to load desired scene.


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    Thanks Gary
    i will try as soon as i get x32 in my hands



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    I wish there were some downloadable scenes presets!I need to not be so lazy and make them myself but im sure some of you guys could make some killer presets!

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    Download able Scenes and Presets

    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Kosyjana View Post
    I wish there were some downloadable scenes presets!I need to not be so lazy and make them myself but im sure some of you guys could make some killer presets!
    Johnathan, did you ever find any?

    I found some presets, (.chn files) they were a great start. They were on a website called "x32presets" that looks like a great idea but it appears to have been abandoned.

    I also found some Scenes (.scn files) but haven't been able to load them; I can copy them to the X32 via USB stick, copy them to my scenes library but when I highlight them and hit the "Go" button in the Scenes area nothing happens.

    You Behringer folks must have thousands! I'd love to get my hands on a a few generic scenes.

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    Yes, this console is not like the throw and go Yamaha crap. You definitely need to have a few different starting presets. The squints call them "preset pallettes" on their consoles, but it's the same idea. I set up a monitor preset and a FOH preset with all channels at a nominal gain, my eq freq's and Q's preset, and general settings roughed in for the comp and gates (but not engaged), and all my output bussing routed with graphs inserted. I also set up a channel library with 16 common inputs, (kick, snare, bass, gtr, vocal, etc.) each with scribble strips, gain, hi pass, and comp/gate settings roughed in. Now, when I start a show with a new band, I recall my "flat startup" preset, load the channel presets from the library following today's input list, and I have a console that's roughed in and ready to start soundcheck in about 30 seconds.

    It took me a few shows and quite a few edits on the presets to get all this set up and the kinks worked out, but it also forced me to learn a lot about how to program the board and also to think about exactly how I want to run the console. IMHO, it's time well spent if you really want to master this (or any) console.

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    Hi Geoff and Jonathan,

    Welcome to the forum. There is another site for the X32 ( which have a couple of scenes posted. Somewhere I did find a library set that someone made that was very helpful for me. But for the life of me, I can't remember where I found it. Let me do some digging.


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