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Thread: S16 shipping delayed again?

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    I ordered -and paid- 2 units in APRIL , with my X32, and still waiting for it from Thomann... Well... The X32 is here, but for the S16, we'll see.
    I read that Thomann is supposed to have some units soon.
    Behringher's Santa ?

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    Hi Greg, on Thomann sites is S16 site online again with delivery date 7.12. After 2 weeks offline S16 site and reason offline, I know, that this date may be finally. I have ordered and payed 2 units S16 too, I am waiting too, but now we have hope

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    Hi All, now, I have confirmed delivery date to Thomann, in this Friday, or next monday. The container is on the way somewhere in europe for Thomann shop. Is good this information?

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    This is message from Thomann:
    Dobrý den,

    Kolegyně už dostala celní papíry, takže termín by měl být aktuální a zboží by mělo být naskladněno v pátek nebo v pondělí.

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    fingers crossed !!!

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    Still nothing in the UK. We're being told we have to wait until January 2013!

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    Thomann has in stock and delivers to uk:
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    I recieved a message today from Thomann : my 2 s16 are shipped !
    So now I go to sleep under the mailbox.

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    FYI: got mine today
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