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Thread: Holy Re-vamp!

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    Holy Re-vamp!

    I thought I'd share, at least for a glimpse of hope, that anything is possible at a church! Don't fret Mr. Volunteer... your day will come!

    Our sound system was in very bad condition and neglected due to money concerns over the years. Pieces and parts only replaced if absolutely necessary. The stage monitors were 27 years old and had seen better days powered by even older EQ's and amplifiers. Our Mackie 32*8 just wasn't cutting it as a live console and it just wasn't working.Finally, we were able to start way on a 2-month project to replace the entire system (with exception of the EV mains/subs, which are like-new). About $10k later and lots of patience and planning, we just finished last week.

    Going from old mauve carpeting and pink counter tops to a more modern look. Even the old trash can was pink! I rewired the entire system from sound room to stage (we have conduit underground leading to a panel that breaks out into different mobile snakes), replaced every piece of equipment except the CD player. At the heart of it all, the X32 with a brand new custom built PC for 32 track recording of the services. X32 goes to the rack with a dbx 260 out to all new Crown amps and a 70v system for ceiling speakers throughout the building. We have a 7 piece band with 10+ singers and we like it to rock!

    Before the project:

    Termination panel behind stage. One 32 channel snake from soundroom to panel, and two 16 channel mobile snakes from panel to stage:

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    After gutting the room:

    Counter top refinish:

    New carpet, fresh paint, and... finally... new STUFF! (note the white trash can!)

    I'm loving the X32 and loving V2!

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    love the setup, what is in the locked rack under the counter? what church did you do this at?

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    Locked rack has a power conditioner, the DBX 260, and a Tascam CC222SLMKII for dubbing tapes (we still have elderly asking us to copy cassette tapes) to CD. Hoping to find a rack shelf at some point to be able to put the cd players in there as well.

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    That is a very nice upgrade, Jeff. What made you decide to go with the X32?
    Evan Hooton
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    Love the white bin! Is it below the hole in the counter marked "Comments and complaints"?

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