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Thread: IPhone tray

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn Adams View Post
    I like it on the back of the mixer. I can leave the cans in the doghouse that way and never unplug them. Lazy - Yes!
    Install a right angle plug, and you'll be able to leave them plugged in (if it fits in the handle hole).

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    The only issue I have with the headphone jacks is that they are mounted too close to the end. This means that if you are using headphones with adaptors the adaptor will most likley not come out when you disconnect your headphones leaving that small thing there.

    Since it's mounted so close to the edge it is somewhat difficult to pull it out since they by design are very small and therefor becomes difficult to grasp.

    When that damned thing is still there it will kill your fingers when you lift the console by its handles.
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    From the teardown video it looks like a new hole in the center of the handle could be made to move the jack to, and maybe even onto the back someplace.

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    I like the holder... it's a good place to put an SPL meter or RTA

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    Thinking of more creative uses for that phone tray...

    A flower pot as in those old, very old VW Beetles…
    An Ashtray
    A piggy bank/tips pot/swearing jar
    A small drawer for a brush/duster
    A real iphone tray with a dock/thunderbolt connector and possibility of change aux 7-8 source to USB internal recorder/iPhone tray.

    I think Behringer could sell these optional accesories.
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    How about a palm reader. All we would have to do is place our hand on it, close our eyes, think of our routing, channel, and/or mixbus setup and it would automatically set it up for us.


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    I want an 8 Track player there so I can play my tape of Deep Purple Machine Head all night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn Adams View Post
    I want an 8 Track player there so I can play my tape of Deep Purple Machine Head all night.
    now you are just getting goofy what I want is a Edison wax cylinder phonograph.

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