Welcome to the new BEHRINGER Community Forums. Based on feedback from community members, we decided to relaunch the BEHRINGER forums with new forum software that is more user friendly in many ways.

The new forums have the following improvements:

- Improved color scheme for reading ease.
- Less textures and artwork for quicker load times.
- Reduction of the header size removing the necessity of scrolling down after each page load to see content.
- A more streamlined moderation queue to allow for easier, more immediate posting.
- Improved Facebook intergration for ease of sharing and liking of posts and topics.

We have also made the following content changes based on community suggestions:

- We added a forum for blog posts by BEHRINER CEO and Founder Uli Behringer.
- We created a Q&A section where community members can post questions to be answered directly by Uli.
- We've added an additional X32 forum for Power Users to have discussions free of general questions from newer users.
- Merged additional forums into one general discussion forum to make for easier navigation.
- Added forums for BEHRINGER Consumer Products and Eurocom Products

System Intergration

- We ported over all the accounts and posts from the old forums.
- Posts made over the past few days may not have made it over in time, and we apologize for any that were missed.
- Your account login information should be the same, but you may need to reset your password the first time you log back in.

As with any new forum system, we're very likely to have some issues and problems come up. So please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any problems, notice something amiss, or have suggestions on how we can improve. We'd like to thank everyone for their patience and reiterate that we really appreciate your support of our company and products.