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Thread: Nu4-6000

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Mendelsohn View Post
    USA/Canada/Japan 25A
    UK / Australia / Europe / Korea / China 12A

    These things can theoretically consume 4800W power, but practically they won't if you don't drive them into clipping. It also depends on the impedance of the speakers.
    If you want to run any amp that's rated at 6000W output power, you're going to have the same issues.
    I would be running four 8 ohm 200/1000 watt JBL floor monitors

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    On 8 Ohms, the maximum output power is 4x440W. I would expect that a 15A breaker suffices on a 120V line (i.e. assuming that you will never actually reach that power permanently, and that the base power dissipation is neglible, 4*440W/120V=14.7A). Still, it might be cutting it close. If you're not overdriving the 200W speakers, that ought to work even better.

    Maybe someone with more experience than I have can confirm (or not)?
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    And remember the amp can impulse over the breaker rating and still not blow it. Also remember that the volume any where close will be extreme.

    I am having one issue with it. I use 2 channels for horns and the pop when coming out of protection. I have a cap and bulb on the drivers but the still click.

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    I would really like to see and have a NU4-3000 and a NU4-1000 please.

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