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Thread: XENYX Q1002 USB Recording problem

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    XENYX Q1002 USB Recording problem

    I just purchased the XENYX Q1002 USB and I have a problem when trying to record.
    I have a guitar plugged into channel 2 via a direct input box.
    The mixer is plugged into the computer via the USB cable.
    I have headphones connected to the mixer.
    The USB to CTRL button is pressed.

    When I try to record a gutar track into audacity while at the same time playing a previously recorded backing track in audacity I can only hear the backing track in my head phone but not my guitar from channel 1.
    The same thing happens if I use a microphone as input.

    Is there a way to also hear the input in my headphones while playing the backin track?


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    I forgot to mention that the input is recorded correctly altough I cannot hear it.

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    Hi Frank,

    Welcome to the forum. I downloaded the manual and had a look at that mixer. There is a good chance that the USB/2-TR to Phones button is an either/or. In other words you either hear the signal from the USB return or what is coming through the mixer. If you push that button (up) do you then hear the guitar? If so, that is what is the case with that mixer.

    The other option is to plug your headphones into the computer and check the monitoring of the input in Audacity.


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    Thanks Pault

    You are right I hear either the return or the main mix in the headphones depending on the state of the USB/2-TR to Phones button.

    Unfortunatly the onboard sound is disabled once I plug in the USB connector.

    I found a way around it by not using the USB from the mixer but connection the mixer with the in/out connectors via a USB audio interface t9o the computer.
    If I had known this I would not have bought the USB version of the mixer and saved myself 25 euro!
    But at least it is now working in the way I expected it to work.


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