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Thread: Solo-ing to be affected on Main Outs ...

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    Solo-ing to be affected on Main Outs ...

    I'm just curious why Channel Solo only happens on the Monitors Out but not Main Outs (Output 15/16).

    How do I get the Solo button to solo channels and have it happen on the Main Outs too?

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    Re: Solo on Main Outs not happening

    OK let me rephrase this:

    How do I apply Solo to channels and have it affected on the Main Outs instead of just the Monitor Outs ????

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    Re: Solo on Main Outs not happening

    As this is normally not wanted in live situations to have the Monitor signal on the main PA I would not recommend to do so. If you are in a studio environment use the monitor outputs for your monitor speakers. But if you really want to have the monitor signal on the main outs you can route them to the same outputs in the OUT tab within the routing section of the X32.

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    Re: Solo on Main Outs not happening

    Yeah, I can't imagine why you'd want to solo on the mains. Can you give us an example of what you are trying to do?

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    Re: Solo on Main Outs not happening

    I'm curious too. Unless, as Michael.Maeurer mentioned, you're running studio only. In which case, this really isn't the greatest piece of gear for strict studio use.Have you tried using the HP buss? I know the HP amp is really whimpy, but you can always route that buss into a decent external HP amp, or monitors, etc, for that matter.

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    This should be in the X32 discussion. Mods please move this to the X32 section.

    Anyway, the reason I wanted to do this is for sound check purposes, I'd like to have certain channels to be solo'ed so that I can do eq and balance ... I find it straightforward for me. I'll be eq for the house and not monitors. This is for live use - of course I won't be soloing in the midst of a live program !!!

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    Solo-ing to be affected on Main Outs ...

    I'm not sure why Behringer moved my thread regarding X32 to Live Sound section.

    But my questions regarding this has not been solved. Please could someone help me?

    The thread is here -

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    Well I guess you could just connect the monitor outs to your mains, that way you have two more available outputs, Otherwise do it by re-routing the monitor outputs to channels 15 & 16 (if that's where your mains are). Not that I'd want the potential to have soloed something in the middle of the show, so I would re-route the mains for the show so you still have the ability to solo and listen through the phones if needed.

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