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Thread: Traktor mapping tips, tricks and questions

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    Traktor mapping tips, tricks and questions

    Hi folks,

    Wanted to start a thread that seem like a good way for beginner mappers to get their answers and learn some basics about creating their custom mappings and to better understand how to use modifiers. Also I would like to see other guys who already are making some more advanced mappings than default ones to share their thoughts so anybody can get some ideas for their own mapping workflow.

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    Re: Traktor mapping tips, tricks and questions

    Hi mate !

    I made 4 mapings for my DDM400.
    They had a litle description and images explain everything.
    Here you can view and download them:

    Cheers !

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    Re: Traktor mapping tips, tricks and questions

    Hey Ice,

    Thanks for link, pretty sure someone will find those useful! I don't own DDM4000 to check it and tell you how I feel about your mappings but it seems like nice ones from diagrams that you have posted. I'm more about advanced Traktor mappings and got some of mine uploaded at Bible as well:

    Sample decks and 4 FX units:
    Double deck focus: (particularly proud)
    4 deck / 4Fx unit: (firstborn)

    Got few more of mine but those aren't related to Behringer controllers.

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    It's good to hear you guys are making your own custom mappings. One thing to remember with the DDM4000 is that the MIDI implementation is not programmable on the firmware of the controller. Therefore, it's always the same, a perfect scenario if you are using dynamic, programmable software such as Traktor and using different devices.

    The DDM4000 MIDI implementation chart can be found here:
    Andrew Luck
    Specialist, Product Support DJ US
    MUSIC-Group US

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    Echo freeze setup

    Add in > FX Unit > Effect Selector / type-button / mode-direct / value-Delay
    Add in > FX Unit > Unit On / type-button / mode-toggle
    Add in > FX Unit > Button 2 / type-button / mode-toggle
    Add in > FX Unit > Button 3 / type-button / mode-direct / value-0
    Add in > FX Unit > DryWet / type-button / mode-direct / value-0.300
    Add in > FX Unit > Knob 1 / type-button / mode-direct / value-0.600
    Add in > FX Unit > Knob 2 / type-button / mode-direct / value-0.400
    Add in > FX Unit > Knob 3 / type-button / mode-direct / value-0.300
    Add in > FX Unit > FX Unit Mode Selector / type-button / mode-direct / value-Single
    Add in > FX Unit > FX Store preset / type-button / mode-trigger

    Make same FX unit assignment for all commands.

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    Creating an Isolator effect mapping in traktor:

    Still got BCD3000 around and I'll give it a go for BCD Isolator mapping as well. Will post link to it in here pretty soon.

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    Alright, I got my hands on CMD MM-1 and PL-1 and instead of creating this kind of mapping for BCD3000 (as mentioned before) I finally finished a preliminary TSI packing an Isolator FX for the MM-1.

    Check out this youtube video to get basic idea behind the mapping:

    I'll make sure to post links here once I release my Traktor mappings for both of this units. Stay tuned!

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