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Thread: X32 Rebooting Issues

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    X32 Rebooting Issues

    My X23 Started Rebooting At Random During A Show. I Need A Solution. Please Help.

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    Dear Bill,
    Welcome to the forum! I am sorry to hear that you had this issue with your X32.
    Have you been able to reproduce this issue at another location with known good power? This issue is usually caused by power drops, as the X32 will restart if voltage drops below approx. 85 volts for longer than 20ms. This is the nature of digital gear in general, and is not specific to the X32. For this reason, we recommend a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) that will make sure your console is getting proper power in all scenarios. There are many solutions available on the market for less than $200 US. I am sure other members can chime in with suggestions.

    If this is not the problem please let us know and our CARE department will help you with fixing/replacing the console.
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    What's the draw of a fully loaded X32 in watts? How about an X32-Rack?
    It wouldn't take much to keep the board up if it doesn't crash until it gets as little as 85v for a full 20ms.
    How many watts would you recommend?

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    The power draw is about 120 watts if I'm not mistaken. A simple ups like the Eaton 3S (works for me) will provide adequate back-up and protection although many, including Behringer are recommending a double conversion unit (that costs considerably more)

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    Thank You For The Help.

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    my x32 had some power re-starts at one show. they were a direct result of voltage drops, some momentary, some voltage sags last a few seconds. the desk woke up just like it should but now i'm shopping for a voltage regulator.

    the following link describes what happened at my show:

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    Excellent Per, I'm getting one of these. The thing is small enough to fit on the case lid!

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    I run my rack and a bunch of other hear off a 200watt ups. They are $50 new at newegg. Very affordable

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    In the US, try Provantage - great company, ridiculous selection, I don't think I've ever found a better price.

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