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Thread: Are the main TRS outputs balanced? (Xenyx 1202FX)

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    Are the main TRS outputs balanced? (Xenyx 1202FX)

    I bought Xenyx 1202FX and I like how compact and comfortable it is. I've read in the manual that TRS inputs can also receive balanced signal through stereo jacks. But I can't find any info about the main and control room outputs. Are they also balanced? And if they aren't, how can I route the signal to an active speaker with only XLR input?

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    Re: Are the main TRS outputs balanced? (Xenyx 1202FX)

    From the manual "The MAIN OUT connectors are unbalanced mono connectors."

    Just because your powered speakers have only an XLR connector they may still work with an unbalanced input. Check the manual. If the require a balanced input, then you need a balun (balanced-unbalanced transformer) to make the connection. A quick and cheap option is a passive DI box such as the Behringer DI400P.

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    Thank you, rpyne. (and sorry for the late)

    Yep, I found that on the manual, shortly after posting the question (and forgot to mention it here). Anyway, balanced signal is not needed since then. Have a nice day!

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