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    I do not know how to use even read the manual.
    I only want to set the "MIDI Ch" to the switch.

    This product is very highly functional, I think.
    But...I can not do anything.

    Do you know the web site have a detailed explanation?

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    Why can't you read the manual? Can you not find it? If not, it's here...

    Programming info begins on page 6.

    If you're looking to change the transmit MIDI channel globally, it looks like the way to do it is to have the unit powered off, and press and hold the DOWN/ESCAPE button while powering the unit on. This will put the unit into global configuration mode. From there, MIDI channel is one of the available options to change.
    Craig Reeves,
    Product Manager, DJ
    MUSIC-Group US.

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    You can also find a more detailed document on programming the FCB1010 here:
    Andrew Luck
    Specialist, Product Support DJ US
    MUSIC-Group US

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    Hello everyone, I am writing from Italy, I hope to be in the right thread, I would like to ask you something fairly simple (for experts) I bought a FCB1010 I did everything, calibrated expression pedals, and assigned presets that I wanted to the buttons from 1 to 5 but I can not do the same thing with the buttons 6 to 10.
    My question is as follows:
    Can I call with the button #6 the preset 35 on my gt pro as well as with the one I call the preset button 23, with the second i call the preset button 54 etc etc, or do I have to let the button 6 just call the preset 6, button 7 to call the preset 7 etc. until button 10? So only the buttons 1-5 can call presets that I want and with the buttons 6 to 10 No. right?

    Sorry for my English. ciao

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    Dear Giancarlo,

    Please refer to the below thread for an answer to your question:

    Kind Regards,

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    53 year old guitar novice and noob to the forum. Are there any videos concerning the use and programing of the FCB1010 with the GMX212? Ideally I would like to set the 1010 to work as a stomp box.
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