I recently bought a Guitar Link UCG102. I put the installation cd that came with the package into my computer. I have Windows 7 x32. I followed all of the directions as it says in the software installation guide that came with the guitar link. I clicked on "setup.exe" in the ASIO_driver folder on the disc and I followed the on screen instructions. I restarted the computer when I was told to. The next step in the software installation guide is to configure the driver for audio applications. It says to start the ASIO-USB Control Panel from within the audio software. It says that it may be called ASIO Config or something similar, but this does not exist on the disc that came with my guitar link. I looked in every single folder on the disc but could not find it. I tried playing my guitar in Audacity, but the guitar link was not listed as an option for the program to record form. I tried re-installing, but still no success, so I went to the Behringer website and I went to the UCG102 product page. I scrolled down to downloads and downloaded the 32 bit driver. After installation, and messing around a bit with my computer's audio settings, I can now finally hear my guitar. There is one problem though. I can only hear audio from the left side of my speakers. I know the problem isn't with my speakers because I can hear sound from both sides when I play audio in Windows Media Player. I plugged my headphones into the computer, but I could still only hear my guitar through the left side. This problem still occurs even when I set the guitar link to stereo in Audacity. Please help me! I really want to start recording!