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Thread: Flight case

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    Flight case

    Hey, folks. Anyone have a lead on flight cases for the Compact and Producer models yet? Gig bag for Producer? Thanks.

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    Hi Mike,
    I bought my X32 Compact flight case as a "bundle deal" (X32 Compact + fitting flight case) from Thomann (Germany). I think they produced it their self. It is not REALLY a rugged flight case, but it is still sort of light and good enough for normal transportation.

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    Uli (correct me if I'm wrong) mentioned, that they will ship (soon) X32 Compact with case as Touring Set.
    This post was made in Poland

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    Whew! Glad everybody's back now.
    Gator has one in the works now, slated for possible Nov. or Dec. availabilty but I think I'm going for this one:
    with their 'flightpanel' construction. The weight is exceptionally light and I don't need a dog house for the Compact. I'm the only user and as such don't need a heavy, tour-grade case for transport, although I think the build on this case is pretty decent.

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    Thomann does also build custom made flightcases. I ordered a small and light case made from PVC. The exterior size is 70cm x 29cm x 58cm and it weights only 10kg. Perfect if you transport the unit yourself.

    Here are some pictures:

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    That looks nice. I finally ordered one, likely very similar to that one from Philly Case Co. in my neck of the world. At around $415 US it will be a form-fit build, no dog house, 1/4" construction but with the dense foam liner and full, 3/8"birch, 3.5" caster set. Weight will be approx. 43 lbs/19.5 kg. if anyone is interested. I bought my Yamaha DSR flight cases from them and those are quite well made.

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    I am looking at maybe this case. I can't find out if OSP is made in the USA.

    I found one on eBay that touts being made in the USA, but it didn't look as nice.

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    Hey guys i am in the search of a decent flight-case for my x32 full. I am in the P.A. rental bussiness and i am using the mixer since July, all of my mixers (5 MIDAS) are flight cased and all of them and when used the top covered is removed, the underneath cover stays attached to the mixer. Saddly i have noticed that the X32 has its ventilation system under the surface in opposition to most other mixers that the ventilation system is located behind the surface where the Ins and Outs are located, that means that when "on work" i have to take all the flight-case covers off and let the mixer "stripped". As you can unterstand that is time and space effective and i cannot gamble leaving the underneath cover attached to the mixer, because i am in Greece and during the summer (when 90% of the gigs are timed) temperatures can get up to 40 Celcius.

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    Cut a channel in the foam underneath the bottom fan all the way out to the front

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    Put a piece of 1/4" plywood in the case for the mixer to set on.

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