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Thread: X32 Feature Request and Issue Reporting Thread

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    Minor bug report:

    X32-Edit for OSX the executable file in the .app directory is still named XControl. The path is (if it's intalled in Applications folder) /Applications/
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    Have STEREO Faders already been mentioned? This would really add to the usability of the console!

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    On the way back from tonight's show, I had a thought, and this is something I did briefly look into, but didn't have time to fully explore... Is there any way of assigning the monitor output level onto the main LR fader?

    I seem to have quite a bit of monitor work coming up with the X32 and it would be really nice to have the main fader as a listen wedge level. And if it isn't currently possible, that would be a really useful feature!

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    I noticed a bug in the X32-Edit software: When I switch input layers on my X32-Compact the software switches as if it was connected to a full size X32:

    Input layer 1-8 on the compact shows 1-16 on the editor which is fine, but when I go to layer 9-16 the software switches to 17-32. It's like the software doesn't know it is connected to a Compact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Finlay View Post
    Is there any way of assigning the monitor output level onto the main LR fader?
    Yes, of course it is already a feature and is located in the monitoring page. Had a quick look before programming the patch lists in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Munnik View Post
    Have STEREO Faders already been mentioned? This would really add to the usability of the console!
    This is something I definitely miss from my use of Yamaha O1V-96.
    With that console, where channels run 1-16 on the first layer and 17-32 to the 'flipped' layer, you could pair 1 & 17, 2 & 18 etc, which meant you could effectively work with up to 16 stereo faders in a single view.

    I would like Behringer to consider offering that type of functionality - please!

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    Hi Guys,
    It would be nice to integrate the buss receiving signals in the copy paste function. To set up fast monitor mixes it is much easier to copy one and make small changes to the other than generating the complete mix again.
    This would be very helpful.

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    Permissions or access control

    This has probably already been requested but i am hoping to here an update from behringer.

    We have one X32 at the moment and plan to buy another very soon for our church. However it is critical that there is some way of giving different users different levels of control.


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    I was happy to see that X32 could be used as Control Surface for a DAW ... BUT equally disappointed when I found out that this is just managed from the BUS section.. Don't know if there are any technical reasons for it - but I would be very happy to see the input section as control surface --- or even better if input section was the first 16 channels and the Bus section channels 17-24

    Sorry if this have been mentioned before

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    Lightbulb Per channel bus mode selection and output routing

    While it makes things easier for selecting buses, the paired selection of the bus modes on a per channel basis prevents me from accomplishing what I'd really like to do for IEM mixes. I have 8 IEM mixes, 7 of which have their own vocals and instruments. So I have a vocal 1-5 and monitor mixes for those 5 vocalists, plus a guitarist and bassist that also sing, everybody has their own mix.

    In their own mix, I want to set them to be post-EQ so they won't abuse their vocal chords. In everyone else's mix I want them to be pre-fader so they won't abuse everyone's ears and so the vocal mix stays a little more stable. I can accomplish this for everyone but the person who shares the pair of mix buses. Vocal 1 and Vocal 2 will hear each other uncompressed, but everyone else compressed. Per bus selection would allow everyone to hear exactly what I intend.

    Also, it's probably been mentioned before, but I'd love to have individual assignment of signals to the card and AES50 outputs instead of dealing with them in banks of 8. It seems the UI could easily provide the best of both worlds for fast selection and customize-able routing with a second layer to the pages that gives a long list of individual output devices matched to their sources like the analog outs and p16 pages do. You could quickly assign the bulk in blocks of 8, then customize just the channels needed.

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