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Thread: X32 Feature Request and Issue Reporting Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nir ladany View Post
    Hello Behringer
    This is my first post on this forum.
    The X32 is really a graet console and offering a lot more then other consoles in it's category!
    Both sound wise and capability, a thing I really mees is to set a direct acses to the GEQ through the user define keys.
    I'll explain: let's say I have to acses the GEQ during a running show it will be very nice if I had a dedictaed access to a specific GEQ! At the moment, all you can assign to the user define keys, (regarding the GEQ) is only spacific frequencies, wich I can't understand way.
    I guess it's easy firmware fix.
    I am shure there will be a lot of us very happy for this option.
    Another ting is I can't find the option to control the screen and scribel strips brightness level I'll be glad if some one could help me with this.
    Thanks Behringer for letting us the opportunity to feedback and participate in this very helpful three
    I use the Oscillator on the X32 to sweep our auditorium and EQ using either the GEQ or TruEQ, but unfortunately these graphic EQs are on a different set of frequencies. Is there anyway to make either of them the same set of frequencies ???

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    Evan Hooton
    Hello Mike,
    I have a question for you in regards to your post. So that I understand correctly, are you saying that if there is a frequency point of 220Hz and you want to take it out using the Graphic equalizer you would like to have a 220Hz frequency slider instead of having to use both the 200Hz and 250Hz sliders on the GEQ or TruEQ. Am I understanding this correctly?

    Evan Hooton
    Specialist, Product Support HOW
    MUSIC Group

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    In my analog days we had a unit called the Orban Paragraphic EQ. Above each slider there was a knob which let you adjust the frequency.
    Maybe we need one of these as a plugin?
    Mick Berg.

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    Copy paste GEQ-F/X returns

    Hi.It would be nice if we could copy paste GEQ -A to GEQ-B.It would also be nice to be able to name the GEQ also.
    Concerning the F/X returns,it would be nice to have an EQ.

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    Hi, just got my new X32. It came with Firmware 1.07.
    FTR, in updating to 1.13, a 16GB Sandisk Cruzer failed, but a 16GB PNY flash driver worked. Both were FAt formatted prior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffery Foster View Post
    Hi, just got my new X32. It came with Firmware 1.07.
    FTR, in updating to 1.13, a 16GB Sandisk Cruzer failed, but a 16GB PNY flash driver worked. Both were FAt formatted prior.
    USB sticks has many carcteristics that can't be seen from a customer point of view; file format is just one of the many parameters. It end up in results where most USB stick will work no problem when carrying a file from computer A to computer B and those same USB sticks will have many different behavior when booting up computers with different motherboard.

    The x32 is almost a specialized computer for sound processing and can be seen has another motherboard. If a USB stick does not work just try another one exactly as you did. I got the exact same problem and was not surprised since I often have the same kind of problems when working on computers.

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    I'd like the fx inserted on the main bus to be 2.1 aware so that i.e. the precision limiter can be used with the LCR or LR + mono for applications that uses aux feed subs or similar common configurations.

    Please, also note that currently it's not possible to setup the insert to be 'main mc' and 'main lr' on the two separate insert points for a single fx.

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    Please add:

    Mid/side support

    R128 metering

    Lockable udk's. This to avoid reconfiguration of udk's when changing scenes.

    Lockable mute groups . Rhis to avoid reconfiguration when changing scenes.

    Additional scribble colors

    User designable scribble icons

    Monitor level on the un-assigned fader in matrix mode

    One extra matrix for the un-assigned fader in matrix mode.

    Make usb 7/8 reconfigurable.

    Smaller blocks than eight. Seems to be possible for the auxes.

    Fx-sends outside of the normal 16 busses.

    User configurable fader layers.

    Extend mackie to the whole surface.

    Remove clip indicator when daw outputs 0dBFS. It should only clip if additional digital gain has been applied.

    Change the usb power handshake so that ipad knows that the x32 is self powered and not powered from usb.

    Move the expander to the gate section instead

    Do not flip the faders on the right side configured as bus to dca when bus master is selected.

    Display the new x-over filters as lshv/lcut and hshv/hcut on the actual console leds for clarity.

    Mono bus should be sends-on-fader enabled.

    Udk's with user ediable text.

    Naming fx

    Named fx should be shown when assigned to faders.

    The fx-rack implementation needs to be reviewed since all new fx puts a limitation to it.

    Since the archwave dm1500 can handle up to 36 channels on usb it would be nice to add some extra routing for those four channels.

    Consistency in the osc-parameters when transfering data back and forth the x32.

    Add gui to select the already implemented slope of the shelving filters

    Digital gain for the headphone output.

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    Tap Delay Request

    I would like to see a modulating tape delay or analog delay in the effects section. Thanks!

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    Missing samples in USB recording

    I have a 2 hour recording done off the mains to a USB stick from Sunday morning (04/21/13). I haven't listened to the entire recording front to back, but I did happen to notice a couple of incidents where there were glitches where bits of the recording was missing. It's unclear how long those periods might have been, but it could have been anywhere from under a second to a handful of seconds.

    Has this been reported before?

    If I were to provide you with the raw recording (or an excerpt with just the incidents in question), how would be the best way to do that?

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