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Thread: X32 Feature Request and Issue Reporting Thread

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    Latest version of X32 user manual is corrupted.

    The latest version of the X32 user manual on the B web site appears to be corrupted.

    Adobe reader reports: "File does not begin with '%PDF-',"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Korman View Post
    The latest version of the X32 user manual on the B web site appears to be corrupted.

    Adobe reader reports: "File does not begin with '%PDF-',"
    It doesn't open in Firefox as well.

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    I am sure. Can not open pdf file

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    Attachment 103May be the new card to X32 with VGA out and Mouse in, or, existing VGA controllers with USB (for second monitor for PC).
    If some other new firmware could support USB VGA and mouse connected to a USB hub to the USB port on the X32, it could also use USB storage along with VGA and mouse, without having to add new X32 hardware.

    Attachment 103

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    I would really like to see R128 metering inside the X-32 software. Should be easy to integrate. We use the X-32 a lot for broadcast applications, where R128 is a must nowadays. So please add R128 metering.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Korman View Post
    The latest version of the X32 user manual on the B web site appears to be corrupted.

    Adobe reader reports: "File does not begin with '%PDF-',"
    Hi Dave,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it appears to be working now, if you have any further issues though please don't hesitate to let us know.

    Kind Regards
    Jim Knowles
    Care EMEA / Tech Support
    Music Group / BEHRINGER

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Taylor View Post

    Channel Strip Trim - Some of my instruments use a microphone and direct line into two linked channels (for stereo spread). When I set the channel to the LINK position, the X32 ties the trims together. Unfortunately when it does this, it sets the trim on both channels equally. It also sets the faders equally. I would like to be able to set the trim on each channel prior to linking and have them stay put after LINK. As a alternative, you could allow the faders to be set at different values and have them remain like that after LINK.

    Go to setup tab and untick the HA and Fader Link option and here you go.

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    X32, MacBookPro 17 i7 Quad 2.2, Presonus Studio One Pro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Tarbill View Post
    Most people will show up with MP3's. That's not likely to change soon. Re-ripping to get actual WAV files (without the missing high end and artifacts) is more trouble than I care to go through. Converting MP3's to WAV's seems...wrong somehow.

    (...I'm not a particular Neil Young fan either...)
    Same vice versa ... converting a KNOWN wav source to mp3 will let you hear the difference of lossy cmpression. Had this a few month ago when I finished a band's CD and they convertet it themselves to mp3 to show up on their website. I thought: "Why did i spend those hours of twaeking if the result will be destroyed by mp3" But maybe twas my fault in bad mastering.

    However, back topic, I would like to see an mp3 play option a lot. Easy to stick in your fav show break music. These days most of us have their music compilation ripped from your CDs. Unfortunately there are a few common formats beside mp3.

    X32, MacBookPro 17 i7 Quad 2.2, Presonus Studio One Pro

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    Dear Behringer,
    is possible in the new firmware add this features for assignable buttons?
    1. Copy, paste as a channel job (now in utility)
    2. Phantom select for channels (during I hold button pressed, I can select CH with 48V) as a DCA select now
    3. EQ ON/OFF the same as 2.

    This features is on Yamaha LS9 too.

    Thank you for hear me.

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    Hey R & D team! Just a quick note of thanks before I begin what I hope will be a short, but detailed list of feature requests and a couple of new products.
    This product has really changed the world in terms of highly affordable, high quality, high feature mixing. My sincerest appreciation to the team who has worked on it, and done their best to keep up with our requests and in some cases, moans.

    I have a few ideas for not only new products, but new ways that the X series can be employed in real-world applications. As you know, the theatrical world is a very different place compared to general live sound and even studio work. Most of the time, the theatrical world is left behind in the scheme of audio, or you have to be willing to purchase a million dollar console to do the job right. With just a few simple, but extremely devices and firmware changes, I believe that the X32 series could be utilized in this environment with great success. Here are a few ideas…

    1. POINT to POINT patching- no more of this groups of 8 business. It really is not helpful when you have signals coming from all over the place. And please allow for individual patching on the outs- not mirrors of the analog outs sent to the S16 or S8 (see #2)

    2. Create the S8- a single space box like the S16, but only 8x4. D-sub connectors on the back are fine if space is a concern…..

    3. Dual cards in the single slot (provided the bus allows for it, or an adapter can be made.)

    4. Make one of the ½ cards specifically for cascading consoles- now 2 consoles can function as 1, doubling everything. Doing this, and re-purposing the effx engine in the slave console could and should be more than enough DSP to make the line in channels (all 16) full channels with dynamics- when used in conjunction with the S16 (or S8).
    Imagine- 2 racks on stage, each containing- an X32 core with 3 S16’s, and a P16D- add #5 via a long cat5 cable or excellent WiFi, and you have a system that is basically unbeatable by any competitor.

    5. Create a new fader/knob surface for control- call it the XsCS (X series Control Surface).
    Make it scalable so that 2 units can be linked together and rack mounted. Take the best of the BCF/BCR units and make it into one that is ½ rack wide, by 7 or 8U deep. Use this in conjunction with #6

    6. A second version of the computer X-control software that does 2 things-
    A) functions like a live capture recording software via the revamped(1/2 size) XUF card
    B) is scalable so that it can be re-sized and reshaped. We need this feature regardless.

    7. Give the REMOTE button on the X32 a new function- in REMOTE mode, it would control any of the other X32 units. Think of it kind of like a KVM switch for a computer. Again, this would be used in conjunction with the cascade card or a network control protocol…

    I think that is it for now. Please PM me if my suggestions and requests aren’t clear enough. I have worked with many manufacturers on design and implementation of new products and revisions over the years and would love the opportunity to do that here as well.

    And again, THANKS!!!

    PS- please don't wait til NAMM to unveil it. Most of us don't need the presentation, just the product.....

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