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Thread: X32 Feature Request and Issue Reporting Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Davis View Post
    I think it may be a licencing issue - but I'm with Neil Young re MP3 & regardless of the quality issues with the size of memory and download speeds now-a-days no need for it - it should be banned - good of Behringer not to support it!!!!!!!!
    +1 for that

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    USB record/playback

    With the USB's far too easy to forget to STOP the recorder at the end of the gig...and end up with a useless 0 byte file. It would be nice to have the recording file opened, written to (say...every time you get 64k samples), and closed so that you're only missing the last second or so of recording if you fail to remember to explicitly stop it and power the desk down.

    Also...I'll add to the list of users who want MP3 playback.


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    X32 Feature Request and Issue Reporting Thread

    I would like to have a "lock" feature that will lock all settings, but still let a user operate the faders and mute groups. In our church setting we have many volunteers who operate the faders only and use the mute groups to mute certain channels, but we need them to keep from adjusting everything else (people love to turn knobs and push buttons). The (very inferior) Yamaha LS9 had such a feature, which help us out a lot. (The X32 is a much superior board though - we love it!).

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    My X32 is in a church environment. The following suggestions have come up over and over in training and in use:

    1) Give us a button in the Assign area that selects between pre fade and post fade for all input channels. I want to use pre-fade soloing when I'm checking a signal that is not in the mix, and I want to use post fade soloing when I'm doing live balancing among multiple singers. The closest we can get today is a button that takes us to the Monitor page where a "Ch Solo AFL" option has to be selected by turning a rotary encoder and then clicking it.

    2) User supplied Icons would be really helpful in our situation. We are a church that has worship services in three different languages. Our volunteer sound crew speaks three different languages. It would really help for us to show a CD icon for the CD player, a TV icon for the video system input, an iPod icon for the iPod input, an antenna for our FM transmitter, an D16-M icon for a bus feed to the monitor mixers, etc. Can we, at a minimum, get a utility to replace existing icons with our own artwork?

    3) Allow a scene recall to set the "pages" for input and output faders. When our least experienced users recall a simple default scene that puts everything they need on input channels 1-16, the board should display channels 1-16. This should obviously by configurable for each stored scene, because the general case is correct, recalling a scene should usually not change the pages opened on the board surface.

    4) Give us a global setting to identify a particular scene to be implemented at power up. This will allow the board to always power up into a known state, particularly for inexperienced volunteer users.

    5) Take the same "Parm Safe" and "Chan Safe" options found in the scene area and put them in a "Password Protected" area. When the user tries to make any changes in any of those areas, a password prompt comes up on the screen and gives the user a few seconds to enter a short numeric password on the mute group buttons.

    6) Allow us to swap the fader locations of LR and M/C. In our environment we have mono speakers and use the M/C bus to drive the speakers. We use Left and Right to drive our service recording. I'd like to always have the M/C fader on the desk, and I don't mind having to go to the 4th page to see the L/R fader.

    7) Allow us to "link" the bus that feeds my subwoofer to the M/C bus so that the M/C fader operates both.

    8) Talkback to the P16-Ms without giving up one of the 16 P16 channels.

    Please understand that we are asking for changes to make an outstanding product better; don't perceive this as a rant about a substandard device.

    How soon can we expect to hear plans for firmware 2.0? Both expected release date as well as expected new capabilities? Behringer was very open about the X32's capabilities and S16's capabilities long before any of us could get our hands on them. Will we see the same transparency on firmware 2.0?

    Best Regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Davis View Post
    ...I'm with Neil Young re MP3 & regardless of the quality issues with the size of memory and download speeds now-a-days no need for it...
    Most people will show up with MP3's. That's not likely to change soon. Re-ripping to get actual WAV files (without the missing high end and artifacts) is more trouble than I care to go through. Converting MP3's to WAV's seems...wrong somehow.

    (...I'm not a particular Neil Young fan either...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by arttd View Post
    pauly wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I purchased the X32 for recording only. Subsequently I've discovered there
    > is (currently) no way to use the eq, compression, effects etc of the desk
    > (in recorded material) as the X-UF interface only takes signal from the
    > preamps - not post fader, or post eq etc.
    > I'm _praying_ that a firmware update will soon allow us to choose the 'tap
    > point' for the X32 Card outputs - Pre EQ, Pre Fader, Post Fader - Otherwise
    > we really don't enjoy much of the desk.
    > Thanks
    > Pauly

    I'm confused. Are you wanting to record your EQ and Dynamics? If yes, then my question is why? If you record your tracks wet, you're stuck with them that way forever. If you later decide you don't like the gate on the kick for instance, or if you feel like doing some crazy compression on a guitar or vocal, you're stuck. What you recorded is what you have. Period. You need to record dry tracks, and perform any processing at mixdown.
    Just a bit of advice from one with 30+ years as a recording/broadcast/live sound engineer...

    I think what he want is at least to have the option

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    This will be great

    On the Assing buttons:
    When i Assing a button with: Jump to Page. That i can jump tho a specific Layer on the FX

    thunderbolt connectivity option with 3 Thunderbolt connectors and SPDIF out

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    "sends on fader" matrix

    It would be great if you could also assign the matrix by SOF.
    The left channel strips should then go to the bus master layer.

    something else:
    I recently had the problem that the small channel displays were not synchronous to X-control. I will test it once again.

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    I'd like to see the ability to route MIDI coming from the PC over firewire/USB to the MIDI ports on the back of the X32. When I monitor MIDI coming from an assignable encoder, I can see the data going over the firewire MIDI and the built-in midi port. That way I could use the X32 as my default MIDI device and send info to other devices hooked up to the X32 from my PC.

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    Great Job Behringer!
    Seems you do listen to customer feedback.

    Feature Request

    XControl - I would like to be able to scale or stretch the GUI.
    It would be nice to add multiple window settings (like the Yamaha Editor)
    I also agree with what others have said - a VGA Monitor Out with a Mouse option would be nice.

    Effects - I would like to be able to patch a EQ to the "Monitor Out". In instances where the console can't be used FOH, I will use near field monitors which are set up side or back stage in front of the desk. Presently I have to use a outboard EQ for trim. Being able to use one of the built in EQ's would eliminate this extra gear.

    Channel Strip Trim - Some of my instruments use a microphone and direct line into two linked channels (for stereo spread). When I set the channel to the LINK position, the X32 ties the trims together. Unfortunately when it does this, it sets the trim on both channels equally. It also sets the faders equally. I would like to be able to set the trim on each channel prior to linking and have them stay put after LINK. As a alternative, you could allow the faders to be set at different values and have them remain like that after LINK.

    XiQ - I love the app but I would like to maintain control over who can change what. With the present app, each musician can access any Buss, FX, AUX and so on. This includes the FOH Main and I can see potential hazards here. I like the way the "other guys" have approached this by letting each musician only adjust what the Sound Engineer elects.

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