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Thread: X32 Feature Request and Issue Reporting Thread

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    Hello, Well i try out the new De-Esser and well it needs some work.

    First off we need to get rid of the LOW De-Ess because we really don't need it that cause we have a low pass filter for that.

    We can take the low de-Ess now and make a para EQ for the freq to be de-essed.

    And the hi de-Essing now need some more work in reduction cause i have mine max out and it really don't seem to do anything.. i might hear a little cut but not enough that's why we need the para eq to zero in on the freq that we want to de-Ess.

    You guys might want to take a look at the BSS DPR404 quad comp and make it work like that cause that probley
    one of the best de-esser around.

    Well i hope you guys can make this work out and hopefully in the next firmware release cause i can really use that its kinda like the team for a great sounding vocal..

    Randy Martin

    On Stage Audio

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    phase reverse on mix bus out please !!!!!!! thanks

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    J Aukema
    Feature Request
    Currently, you can assign 36 channels in 5 blocks in the routing screen, and then use any one of those assigned channels on any channel. What I would love to see is it expanded to 44 channels in 6 blocks. Add another block of 8. This would help with some of the routing issues when channel counts get tight.
    Inserts on the aux channels would also be cool, as well as assigning AES50 blocks to the output sections.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Korman View Post
    I'd really like to be able to "safe" channel parameters on a per-channel basis. That is to be able to say "I want to prevent the EQ and dynamics setting of Channels 1, 3 and 7 from being affected by loading a scene (which has these parameters recorded), but I want all the OTHER parameters for those channels, and ALL parameters for all the other channels, to be loaded"

    This is needed if, for example, you need to make temporary tweaks to some settings on one channel because the talent has a cold, but you still need all the other settings of that channel to follow the recorded scenes, and also all settings for the other channels. At the moment, you can only safe a single param for ALL channels or none (param safe), of safe All params for individual channels (channel safe). I need to be able to safe SOME params for SOME channels.
    i'd love to have that too but i guess that's not possible with the architecture of the x32.

    i also prepared a show for an act i'm touring with and you always need to make some changes on venue which should then be safeable for the other scenes - i couldn't manage to get the low-cut recall safe with the parameters safe - any thoughts on that?


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    Unhappy Problem with DCA buses

    DCA1 works , DCA 2 works but controls DCA3 -8. In others words if I mute or turn down slider on DCA2 , DCA3-8 are muted or turned down. this pretty much readers 3-8 useless. Have not got a good answer from CARE. I need to know if this is a firmware/software fix or if I need to get this board taken in for Warranty work???

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    windows 8 - usb (firewire) driver compatibility update request

    I tried installing the usb drivers on a windows 8 laptop - but the SW / install process not currently compatible with windows 8.
    As more and more people will either be updating to windows 8 or getting new PC's during 2013 can possibly these be updated asap,
    many thanks


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    Solved - install in compatibility mode

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    Not sure if this should go here because its not so much a feature request as a hardware request. I would love to have an "amp room box" The inverse of a stage box essentially. My amp room is on a different floor with a snake running to it. Our old console only had 8 outs and we have a 12 chan snake in use. A 16 out cat5/digital snake box would be great as a permanent install option. Are there any plans to make such a device, or is there one out there that is compatible? I don't need any inputs but it could be useful for others out there.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy Martin View Post
    ... i have mine max out and it really don't seem to do anything.. i might hear a little cut but not enough ...
    same here: DESSER is absolutely useless, waste of time of the developer team. Display (LEDS) only show up any deessing once it it cranked full up. Low "dessing" (deploder???) does .... nothing a HPF would do as well. but leaves the rumble untouched if it is below the (whatever) threshold. Funny Better said: same shit as the "precision limiter" what does :::something::: without telling WHAT it is doing. In a live situation it is a MUST to SEE the processors work.

    just my 2cts.

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    X32, MacBookPro 17 i7 Quad 2.2, Presonus Studio One Pro

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    FR: Gate display LEDs in the channel Display

    Feature Request:

    Would be nice to make the display LEDs for gates show up if they are CLOSED. These days they show that they are CLOSING. In other words: during a long release phase for toms the gate leds show "we are closed", but depending on the hold and release time they still let audio pass. makes me crazy. maybe noone else is affected, in this case leave it as it is

    X32, MacBookPro 17 i7 Quad 2.2, Presonus Studio One Pro

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