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Thread: X32 Feature Request and Issue Reporting Thread

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    Re: X32 Feature Request and Issue Reporting Thread


    I have the X32 now for several weeks and I am (almost) happy with the features of the desk.
    Along with other requests, which are already posted here, which I would also like to see, I will suggest these features:
    - Stereo busses which uses the panning of the main out instead of individual panning. (or you can see it as Subgroups with individual levels;-)
    - The possibility to use more than 4 FX engines for reverbs, delays. Due busses have 6 band PEQ I use not so often the GEQ engines but would like to have the possibility to use more reverbs.

    Never the less I think you have made a good job and I appreciate that.
    Thank you

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    mick berg

    Re: X32 Feature Request and Issue Reporting Thread

    I'm having a problem with XControl. (standalone, not connected to console)
    Trying to copy/paste channel settings, the program gets stuck in "Paste". And when it was working, it was very slow.
    System is Windows XP 32, SP3.

    Mick Berg.

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    Re: X32 Feature Request and Issue Reporting Thread

    I would like to see support for remote monitoring of RF/AF-levels and battery status of Sennheiser wireless microphones - directly from the X32 console interface.

    Description of the Media control protocol here:$File/MediaControlProtocolDescription_120122.pdf

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    I would like to see software implementation of Media Control Protocol. That would allow for monitoring of RF/AF levels and battery status of Sennheisers wireless microphones directly from within the X32 user interface.

    More on Sennheisers Media Control Protocol:$File/MediaControlProtocolDescription_120122.pdf
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    Feature Requests (Should be easy to implement in firmware):
    1) Allow us to turn off Autosave of the scene, why :
    For a church service, the band rehearses on a Tuesday, and the service is on a Sunday (There is a Sound check on the sunday as well). So on Tuesday we refine the mix as much as possible.
    But then there is another function, such as a Wedding, etc, before that time. The person then adjusts settings on the desk, and the desk autosaves the scene. There goes the refinement.
    If we could just have a menu option to Turn off Autosave, so that we have to specifically save the scene.

    2) Local User Authentication:
    Admin User, Priviledged Users, Default User.
    When desk starts up, it is in the default user mode, you can only operate sections (such as Faders and Eq, and maybe Scene Loading), that the admin has defined. All other sections are locked out.
    If you press a button, or go into a menu, then you can choose a username, and put in a password.
    If you then log in as a priviledged user, you can use what functions the admin has enabled you for.
    If you log in as admin, you have full control of all sections, you can add more users, and select which sections the other users are allowed to access.
    This will allow the TD to set up the scene for the service, save it.
    Then when the Volunteer comes to run the desk (Say for a wedding, etc), they cannot mess around with routing, and anything else that they are not supposed to.

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    J Aukema
    I would like to see the USB L/R and Aux 5/6 reroutable. We can't use the USB for playback because we record, so the USB L/R channels could definitely be used elsewhere.

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    There is almost nothing to say what is not already mentioned in this thread to improve the console.
    What I would like to see in one of the next updates is the possibility to run stereo busses which uses the same panning as the main main of the channel. This would especially helpful when using linked channels with stereo panning.

    Other things, already mentioned, I would add are: A de-esser as an alternative to the channel gates, a rta display for finding feedback frequencies easier. An soon available S16's of course.



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    iPad XiControl. yesterday we had 3 different times by two different iPads, that when we switched levels from channels 1-8 to 9-16 or back and forth anyway, we had a large pop in the sound system that was very loud. I had on my "ears" with the P16-M while playing the keyboard and it really hurt.
    Anybody else experience this issue? It appears it is the XiControl though I wouldn't know why it would have any effect this way, but we did have this issue. We have the latest version 1.1.1

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    Hi All,

    I have found that when linking two channels they automatically hard pan left-right. On un-link, however, they stay panned. I think it would be best to return to a center position on both channels. This would seem to be a rather easy software fix. Otherwise, this is one great mixer!

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    Does support X32 USB port the new wireless microphones from behringer ULM2000USB?

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