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Thread: Behringer: How about a LIVE soundcard?

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    Lightbulb Behringer: How about a LIVE soundcard?

    I've had a good look at your U-Phoria series soundcards, ecspecially the UMC202, and they do come a bit closer to the live scene than the rest of your similar products, but they still need a lot of tweaks to be able to take the heat in a panic live situation.
    I'm dreaming of a "U-Phoria UMC LivePro" or whatever you want to call it. The main thing about this product is that you don't have spend any time setting it up or getting trapped in settings - but still get perfect results everytime.

    Here are the crucial specs/requirements:

    # Driverless installation. (Generic Audio Device in windows/mac)
    # 32/44.1/48/96khz 24bit (CEntrance can do this driverless with the TAS1020B - so can you)
    # Transformer isolated balanced XLR Outputs +4dBu with groundlift option.
    # USB powered only.
    # No volumecontrol. (Or a volumecontrol with a recessed bypass switch to please both live & studio users)
    # Bright power LED
    # Sturdy rugged case with USB-B connector.

    (, if I only wanted the above specs I would buy the 48khz Peavey USB-P, they are allready world standard, but I really miss some INPUTS - and here Behringer have a chance to make an impression to the market, so I'd like to add...)

    # XLR/TRS inputs with gain, bright clip-LED & +48V option.
    # Toslink or SPDIF out (allready on the D/A chip, so why not)
    # Headphone/monitor amp with volumecontrol. (This is kinda extra, but nice to have on smaller stages without monitors, and it pleases the studio user)

    A 3.5mm laptop hp output doesn't sound or performs any better with a DI-box and the stageboxes are always with XLR's, so your soundcard should be correct from start for a quick setup. The roadies on site always have extra XLR cables lying around so it's never a problem.
    The lack of drivers makes the card very versatile to plug in any computer at any given situation.
    No fuzz, just plain gain! (hey...that's a slogan )

    Behringer what do you think? Am I dreaming?

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    I agree charlie. I've been looking for something like this for a while, (and think I've posted about it somewhere) by only addition is MIDI In/Out as well. Keyboard players using stuff like MainStage are dying for something like this.
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